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Ischkinakker Shakker Celebrates its 16th year

Ischkinakker Shakker Celebrates its 16th year  Lake Superior News
#LSN_Arts Ischkinakker Shakker Celebrates its 16th year

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO -  December 19, 2018 (LSN) Thunder Bay’s annual charity Christmas extravaganza is celebrating its 16th birthday this coming weekend. 

On December 23rd, yuletide revelers will take part in what’s become a local annual holiday tradition, where every cent raised goes directly to a local charity. This year’s recipient charity is Roots to Harvest.

Roots to Harvest is a growing organization that teaches young people valuable, transferable skills using food as their tool. They employ up to 30 at risk youth each summer and run several year-long programs as well.

“We’re extremely pleased to be partnering with Roots to Harvest,” says co-organizer Katie Ischkin. “We just wanted to help out this wonderful organization.”

Over the past 15 years, the Ischkinakker Shakker has raised more than $200,000 for local charities. This year’s fundraising goal is to bring in $20,000 for Roots to Harvest.

“The nice thing about these funds is Roots to Harvest can using these funds in whatever manner they require” says Johnny de Bakker. Erin Beagle from Roots to Harvest says that all “funds raised go to employing at risk youth, providing free programing in schools, and creating vibrant spaces in the city.”

“Every year we set a lofty fundraising goal for the Ischkinakker Shakker, and every year we exceed it,” says co-founder Johnny de Bakker. “I guess it just goes to show that Thunder Bayers like having a good time for a good cause.”

This year’s Ischkinakker Shakker takes place on Sunday, December 23rd at NV Night Club.  Doors open at 8:00 pm.

Ischkinakker Shakker