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Create space Art Studio

Create_Space_Art_Studio.  Lake Superior News

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO -  January 11, 2019  (LSN)  Create Space is located at 303 Simpson st, on the corner of Simpson and Bethune. The building is at least 120 years old and was in need of a fair bit of work but I've transformed it from a gutted old storage space to a modern fully equipped art studio. 

I got a concept for the studio months ago while talking with friends about what I can do with the space. The idea really appealed to me because I'm an artist myself and after some research I found that this type of space works really well in larger cities but we don't have anything like this in Thunder Bay. 

The goal of the studio is more than a work space. I really want to help further connect Thunder Bay to its art community and help artists take their work from being a hobby and help them turn it into a career. 

Another vision I had for the space is that it is essentially an office for artists. So I built a break room in the space. It has a fridge, TV, coffee maker, kettle and microwave. So an artist can work there for a full day bring a lunch and take breaks like anyone else in the work force. I also am providing coffee and tea to members! 

All the artists that take advantage of the space will get a custom built locker for their supplies and 24/7 access to the space. I also provide a lot more including, social media support, monthly openings so artists can show off their work, a community calendar to book meetings and events at the space, wifi, a security system and parking.

I really have worked hard on the space so that the artists feel good about being there and feel safe for both themselves and their supplies. I will also being maintaining and cleaning the space so that the artists can focus on being artists.

Anyone interested in the space can contact me ( Chris Talarico ) at 1(807)251-1637 or find me on Facebook at I'll have email set up soon along with an Instagram account. 

Create_Space_Art_Studio.  Lake Superior News