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Library Adds Vinyl Listening Stations at the Waverley

Library Adds Vinyl Listening Stations  Lake Superior News
#LSN_Arts      Vinyl Listening Stations

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO,  August 29, 2017    (LSN)  Libraries are transitioning from buildings full of books to community hubs forlifelong learning and in the spirit of adding a Business Incubator, Northern Nature Trading Centre and other hands-on opportunities for learning and exploring creativity, we are happy to announce TBPL’s newest installation - vinyl
record listening stations.

The two record players are located upstairs at the Waverley Library. The area
also features a music-inspired painting by local award-winning artist Duncan
Weller and other decorations which reflect the musical history of Thunder
Bay’s past. Users may select from a curated collection of fifty vinyl albums.

The albums reflect fifty of the best record albums from the year 1967 which
was fifty years ago and also a watershed year for music. You can find “the” album
of the year, the Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and other
titles by Hendrix, Aretha Franklin, Leonard Cohen, the Butterfield Blues Band,
the Who and other great artists who released albums that year. 1967 has been
called the Year of the Album as it was a year of tremendous artistic experimentation
and creativity and also when music transitioned from singles to the
album (along with all of the inspiring and creative album cover art).

Drop in anytime the Waverley Library is open and select the album(s) you want
to hear. Bring your library card to the desk (and if you forget earbuds, you can
purchase a set for $2.50 at the desk as well) and reserve some time to immerse
yourself in music.

Discover something new! Revisit a musical memory! Or just chill with some
amazing music @ Your Library.