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Jasmine Maki and Malanie White (Spa Assistants - A Spa For You) it is in the classroom where the future students can practice their skills  Lake Superior News
#LSN_Econ Jasmine Maki and Malanie White (Spa Assistants - A Spa For You) it is in the classroom where the future students can practice their skills

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO   March 4, 2018  (LSN)  Imagine a career where you can wake up and having the opportunity to make people feel relaxed as well work in a beautiful spa environment.  Little or no arguments can be put up against the speedy growth of the aesthetic industry; if compared to the past, one will notice that there’s a vast increase in demands for beauty services and products.  Have you always had the dream of starting a beauty business?  Working in a spa?  With this You will have the liberty to set up your independent beauty shop and have a tremendous business growth over a little period of practice; however, this aim is achievable only if you learn the market requirements and the know-how from competent professionals.

The Esthetic Academy has taken a positive step in making your long-term wish of being a professional come true.  We’re offering you an opportunity to apply for our full diploma program which spans over a 1000 hours of extensive and remarkable teachings which favors more of practical works under the supervision of our outstanding staff  and a team of elites.

Our students will be taught theoretical, practical and collaborative sessions on esthetics, interpersonal abilities, bacteriology, decontamination, physiology of the skin, basics of chemistry, cosmetics, facials, electrotherapy, hair removal, manicure/pedicure, massage for the face, hands, feet and back, business mgmt., product analysis, career planning and employment assistance and with this knowledge they can major in Make-up Artistry, Salon owner, Spa Professional, Laser clinic and beauty consultant etc.

There are several socioeconomic benefits to the availability of an esthetic school. Youth retention is important to economic issues around the world, especially here in the North. Thunder Bay and surrounding areas have an opportunity to increase the rate of youth retention by offering diversity in educational opportunities, encouraging high school graduates to pursue post-secondary education in their home community. An educational facility for the field of esthetics would fill a gap that currently exists in the city.   For students who are interested in broadening their repertoire of beauty services to offer this may be exactly what they are looking for.  A school offering training in the skills as well as the theory behind esthetics services would allow students to remain in the city and build a clientele while they study.

The students’ gain in having the opportunity to hone their skills in their chosen specialization is also a gain to the community with regards to access to affordable services. For many people, esthetics services is a significant luxury, and to offer the services to the community at cost of products and supplies for being models for students opens up the field to those who would otherwise find such services beyond their reach. Every client of the school is a potential ongoing client for its students, providing an opportunity to begin to build a clientele as they practice and learn.   When the students complete the program, their clients could follow them to their next place of work.

The space available in the school has potential for multiple purposes. In addition to being a learning space for future estheticians, there is great potential for it to become a community hub. As a low cost space to facilitate groups and run programs, people from a variety of backgrounds will be exposed to the school and the services it offers. Programs from art classes, support groups, meetings, and other courses can be offered in the school outside of regular program hours. The possibilities are endless.

Founder, Erika Mali is a renowned beauty instructor and a successful entrepreneur who has gathered experience from practicing in different beauty fields for over 20 years.  She has added knowledge and learned various methods from different countries of the world, she has also attended numerous conferences and workshops around the globe.

We feel so excited about the project and want you to be part of this great experience.

For further inquiries do not hesitate to contact Erika Mali on the contact detail below:

Contact Details:
Erika Maki, Administrator / Director
Esthetic Academy, 112 E Frederica St, Thunder Bay, ON, P7E3V5
Phone:  (807) 475-6977



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