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Ontario doctors advocate for tax fairness beyond federal consultation deadline

OMA Bill 148   Lake Superior News
#LSN-Econ    Making decisions of this magnitude requires careful consideration

Toronto, Ont., Oct. 3, 2017: While we’ve reached the end of the federal finance minister’s 75-day public consultation period regarding tax planning using private corporations, Ontario doctors are not backing down.

Making decisions of this magnitude requires careful consideration with all impacted stakeholders. The brief 75-day consultation period offered to these amendments—over the quiet summer months—simply did not suffice.

We stand firm behind our beliefs that these proposed tax changes will affect all doctors in all stages of their careers, and—if passed—will directly impact patient care. Ontario’s doctors seek fairness, and to maintain the ability to invest in our small businesses, which ultimately allow us to provide exceptional patient care.

We stand united with the Coalition for Small Business Tax Fairness that now represents more than 70 business associations. Together, our organizations represent hundreds of thousands of independent businesses, professionals and taxpayers across all sectors of the economy and all regions of the country. This small-business community will continue to voice concerns to Members of Parliament.

The current proposals are not the solution, and are creating unnecessary uncertainty for our profession. We ask Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau to set aside these changes, launch meaningful consultations with the business community and/or consider a comprehensive review of Canadian tax policy that centres on fairness for all—including our patients.

Dr. Shawn Whatley
President, Ontario Medical Association