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Tbaytel gives $18.55M to city of Thunder Bay
in dividend payments

TBaytel  Lake Superior News

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  - April 25, 2018  (LSN) Tbaytel contributed $17.375 million through a fixed annual dividend payment as well as a $1 million special dividend payment and a performance dividend of $175,123. In addition to total dividend payments in the amount of $18.55 million made to the City of Thunder Bay, Tbaytel also reported $191.4 million in revenue for the year.


 Tbaytel has proven through its annual financial results that it continues to be a major economic engine and an integral part of the northern Ontario business community,” says Tbaytel Municipal Services Board chair Jack Jamieson. “2017 was a very strong year for Tbaytel’s entire workforce, made up of 429 dedicated employees who are helping the company continue to grow, expand and explore new business opportunities.”


In addition to a very aggressive mobility network enhancement plan for the year, Tbaytel also successfully launched Tbaytel Fibre to the community of Fort Frances in 2017, which marked the first time in the company’s history that Tbaytel’s wired services were offered in a regional market.


Tbaytel also continued its commitment to support efforts made to create stronger, healthier and more vibrant communities across northern Ontario through its corporate social responsibility program. In 2017, Tbaytel contributed $576,000 to 174 different organizations or events in 19 different communities throughout Tbaytel’s serving territory.


 “At Tbaytel, we continue to make investments that matter to our customers and our community – investments in the people, technology and innovation that improve the lives of everyone we share our community with,” says Tbaytel president and Dan Topatigh. “Being one of the few locally owned and operated telecommunications companies in the country today, it is vitally important that this mindset extends the entire reach of the Tbaytel organization. I am very pleased to share Tbaytel’s community report to show our community exactly how we achieved this in 2017.”

To view or download Tbaytel’s full interactive report, “Investing in our Neighbourhood: 2017 Report to the Community,” please visit




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