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Lake Superior Books

Regional Books by Canadian Authors

A selection of books by local authors from around
the Lake Superior Region.  
Stories about Canadian and Lake Superior history,
it's people and their culture.


James R StevensJames R Stevens

Writer/editor James R. ‘Jim’ Stevens was raised on a dairy farm at St. Marys, Ontario, Canada. Like many Canadian youth he was a hockey player and in 1960 he went off to Ithaca, New York on a scholarship at Cornell University. He has had published a wide range of non fiction books in Canada that vary extensively in their subject matter. “As an author with the blessing or curse of a Gemini construct in personality many things interest me passionately, however, my bottom line is that a book of mine must have insight and have an enduring quality for readers. A good non fiction book will be valuable long into the future.” At present Stevens has five books in print in Canada and one of them has been moving off of booksellers shelves for thirty-two years.

Angelique AbandonedANGELIQUE ABANDONED Isle Royale 1845-1846

Angelique AbandonedAngelique Mott was seventeen when she was deceived and eventually left on her own with no food to survive a frigid winter on Michigan’s famed Isle Royale. Her fight to survive is a heroic epic on the Lake Superior Frontier of 1845 and 46. James R. Stevens’ novella, based on historical fact is an emotional journey with Angelique as she starves and deals with her faith in Christianity and the spirit world of her forest people. Much of the story streams forth in the words of an old Metis grandson living alone on Madeline Island in Wisconsin.


A Picasso in the North CountryA Picasso in the North Country

An honest and revealing book about Noval Morrisseau written by James R. Stevens and authorized by the Artist, Norval Morrisseau. 

The brilliant and wild painting journey of Canadian artist, Norval Morrisseau is an epic in the international world of art. Norval painted at least 10 000 images during a 45 year career marked by alcoholism and addiction. Norval was an intelligent complex man caught between an ancient forest world and a westernized industrial America. He was unschooled and born into poverty at a small hamlet on the shore of Lake Nipigon in Canada during the Great Depression of the 1930's. The odds that he would survive childhood were against him. He overcame huge obstacles in his path to command respect from all artist. His fascinating story as a painter of abandon will amuse and fluster readers as he rides his tsunami wave to fame.

Ron WrigleyRon Wrigley

I have written this book to fill what is an obvious gap in the history of Shipwreckedshipwrecks in  Lake Superior. Many books have described in great detail the wrecks that have occurred in other parts of the lake, but none have written of the sorrow, hardships and heroism of those in northern Lake Superior.


Shipwrecked - Vessels Meet Doom on the North Shore By Ron Wrigley
Many books have described in great detail the wrecks that have occurred in other parts of the lake, but none have written of the sorrow, hardships and heroism of those in northern Lake Superior.

Wayne PettitWayne Pettit

Wayne Pettit was born in Port Arthur and raised in Fort William. The two cities later amalgamated into Thunder Bay. He lives with his wife Mary, in Shuniah Municipality, just east of Thunder Bay. A retired Thunder Bay Police Officer with 30 years of service, Wayne is the owner of Paper Chase Antiques on Lake Shore Drive in Shuniah. He has been active in the antique business for the past 30 years, both locally and in Southern Ontario, having taken part in shows over the years in Christie (near Dundas), London, Milton, Mississauga, Ottawa, Sault Ste. Marie, Toronto and Woodstock. As well, Wayne has conducted antique appraisal clinics in the Northwestern Ontario Towns of Geraldton, Hornepayne, Red Rock and Rainy River as well as in Thunder Bay A former President of The Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society, Wayne is the author of two books published through the museum. They are; Milk Bottles & Dairies Of Thunder Bay & Area 1906-2003 (Dave Maclean, co-author) and The History Of Soda Pop Manufacturers In Northwestern Ontario & The Bottles

Strawberry Hill WerkshopStrawberry Hill Werkshop: A history and collector's guide

Strawberry Hill Werkshop A Hisory and Collector's Guide, by Wayne Pettit is a book designed to be a reference source for collector's of Strawberry Hill ceramics as well as a bit of history for those interested in what were some of the cultural influences of the Thunder Bay area in the 1970's, 80's and the early 1990's. It also provides information to the reader on how this local company developed and what went into the manufacturing of their products. In the pieces produced by the Werkshop, can be seen a folk art like representation of the animals and birds of North Western Ontario as well as a few more northern animals such as the Mountain Goat and the Muskox. Also can be seen the influence of the Mexican, South African and Slavic cultures on the artists, Liz and Peter Powlowski. The book comes with a CD disc with over 400 photographs of the pieces produced over the years showing two to four sides of each one as well as variations in colour style and design.