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March 13th  Committee of the Whole Meeting Highlights

Krysten Foster  Cook County March 13, 2013  Lake Superior News
#LSN_News Highway Engineer Krysten Foster 

COOK COUNTRY, MINNESOTA - March 13, 2018 –(LSN) Following are highlights and key priorities covered at the Tuesday, March 13 Board of Commissioners Meeting:

Public Comment Period

  1. Ms. Arvis Thompson asked if the Budget Committee had appointed a Citizens Budget Committee yet, and if not, when would that happen and what is the process?

Consent Agenda

All items on the consent agenda were approved, with the exception of item G which was pulled for discussion:

  1. Claims
  2. Cook County Board Minutes of Feb 27, 2018
  3. Miscellaneous Fee Public Hearing/April 10, 2018 @ 10 am
  4. MOA for Grand Marais Stormwater Plan
  5. Resolution for Gambling Permit/Grand Marais Lioness Club
  6. 2018 Copier Replacement
  7. Ad for Bids, CP 18-02 Liquid Calcium Chloride


Agenda Items

Hovland Highway Dept. Shop Architectural Services
Highway Engineer Krysten Foster was present for the request to approve an agreement with Meyer Group for design of the Hovland Shop. She stressed that this is only for design services and seeking bids would come later.  This is the first step with Meyer Group to move forward for Phase I of the Hovland Shop Project for review of planning/designing for a preliminary site plan. Motion was approved.

There was also discussion on item G. Ad for Bids, CP 18-02 Liquid Calcium Chloride. Foster said the Highway Department planned to reprioritize use of CACL on gravel roads to make best use of the limited funds.

Air Conditioning at LEC
Brian Silence, Maintenance Director, appeared before the Board to discuss adding an air conditioning unit to the Dispatch area of LEC from Chuck’s Heating and Air-Conditioning in the amount of $7,690 which does not include electrical work or materials. Motion was approved to accept the quote from Chuck’s Heating and Air-Conditioning.

Braidy Powers, Auditor-Treasurer:
1. Bike Trails

Bike Trail Bid: Tim Kennedy, Superior Cycling Association, explained that there are two grants, one from the State Legacy Program, and one from the Federal Recreation Trail program to support the project. There was only one bid received, from Rock Solid Trail Contracting, LLC, for constructing the Tofte to Lutsen Connector Mountain Bike Trail. The County would be responsible for administering the funds with Superior Cycling Association overseeing construction as the county’s agent.  Kennedy explained that the bid was much higher than anticipated due to higher trail construction standards and high demand for contractors due to extensive trail building planned in Northern and Central Minnesota. Kennedy said the best option was to accept part of the bid in the amount that the grants could support. Construction would start in August 2018. Motion was approved to accept segments A and B of the bid in the amount of $445,9675.50.  This would extend the trail from Britton Peak to just west of the Onion River Road.

Cook County Community Center IRRRB Grant
2. Ice Rink Improvements
Resolution to received funds from IRRRB in the amount of $76,300 for the redevelopment of the outdoor ice rink at the Cook County Community Center. Motion was approved.

3. Boards at Ice Rink
Contract with Becker Arena to take down the boards, reface them, and remount them on the new rink curbs that will be installed in the amount of $43,567.75. Motion was approved.

Commissioner Concerns

  • Commissioner Storlie reminded Commissioners that there is a Leadership Summit on April 4-6, 2018.
  • Commissioner Bursheim talked about the Grand Marais Watershed Project and also a legislative conference regarding PILT and additional State In-lieu Funds for 2017 being awarded.
  • Doo-Kirk mentioned that Association of Minnesota Counties did a good job of setting up the Legislative Conference getting members together to talk about mutual items.
  • April 9, 2018, there is a Public Meeting regarding the bonding issues at 6 pm, in the Commissioners room. All are welcome.
  • April 10, 2018, at 6 pm, Public Information Session at Gunflint Trail Fire Hall 1 (mid-trail) regarding the proposed Seagull Lake ARMER Tower (Fire Hall 3).
  • Commissioner Storlie gave a short overview of her trip to Washington/NACo and highlights of her meetings with Senators Smith and Klobuchar.  She will give a more detailed summary at a later date.
  • Commissioner Doo-Kirk will complete interview on WTIP Radio following meeting.

Motion was made and carried to adjourn.

Full details of Board Meetings are available through video footage, Agendas and Minutes at County Board Meetings are open to the public.



About Cook County Minnesota

Cook Country Minnesota   Lake Superior News

Cook County is at the tip of Minnesota's Arrowhead region in the remote northeastern part of the state, stretching from the shores of Lake Superior to the US-Canada border. By land it borders Ontario, Canada to the north, and Lake County, MN to the west.  The highest point in Minnesota, Eagle Mountain is 2,301 feet and the highest lake,  Total Area equals 3,339.72 sq miles

Cook County is home to three national protected areas:
Grand Portage National Monument
Superior National Forest
Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

Cook County include:
 Grand Marais     Lutsen Mountains
 Gunflint Trail      Superior Hiking Trail
 Grand Portage 

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