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Third Pedestrian Crossover Activated  Simpson Street

Simpson Street Cross Walk    Lake Superior News
#LSN_News  Simpson Street and Ogden Street

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  - October 17, 2017  (LSN) Thunder Bay’s third Pedestrian Crossover has been activated today at the intersection of Simpson Street and Ogden Street.  

Motorists and cyclists using Simpson Street must now stop when a pedestrian is waiting to cross and the crossover lights start flashing. Crossovers make it easy, safe and convenient for people to cross the street.

“There are several advantages to installing pedestrian crossovers in high traffic areas,” said Rick Harms – Project Engineer. “Crossovers are cheaper to implement than signalized intersections and only activate on demand.” 

This crossover will allow area residents, students, and staff and patients of NorWest Community Health Centres to arrive safely at their destination.

“NorWest Community Health Centers is pleased to be one of the locations selected by Thunder Bay City Council for a pedestrian crossover,” said Juanita Lawson, Chief Executive Officer – NorWest Community Health Centres. “We appreciate that the City is standardizing the pedestrian crossovers and that efforts are being made to increase safe and convenient crossings for individuals attending NorWest Community Health Centres, Ogden Community School and local businesses in our community.”