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Candidates Debates / Forms 

Current River Ward

North End Recreation Centre
October 3rd 
7 to 9 pm.

Community Forum for Council At-Large Candidates

Moose Hall Fort Willaim Road
Tuesday, October 9th
7 PM – 9:30 PM

Thunder Bay & District Labour Council Candidates Form

Thunder Bay & District Labour Council  Lake Superior News Moose Hall Fort William Road

Ward Candidates  October 10th

Mayoralty Candidates October 11th 

7 to 9:30 p.m with doors opening at 6 p.m



If you are running for Municipal office we would be interested in hearing from you

Please Email us a 6 to 8 paragraph story about why you are running and what you would like to see happen in your Municipality 

Plus a horizonal photo of your self

Email to [email protected] 

Who is Running in this Octobers Munnicipal Elections

City of Thunder Bay:

  •         Mayor  One to be Elected 
    •             Iain Angus  read Announcement   
      •    Kevin Cernjul
      •    Ronald Chookomolin
      •    Jim Gamble
      •     Ed Hailio
      •     Shane Judge   read Announcement 
      •     Bill Mauro 
      •     Peter Panetta
      •     Frank Pulla      read Announcement
      •     Mariann Sawicki
             Wolfgang Schoor

  • Councillors 
    • Northwood One to be Elected 
    • Current River One to be Elected 
      • Jamie Cressman
      • Andrew Foulds - Incumbent
      • Dick Waddington
      • Andy Wolff
    • McKellar One to be Elected 
      • Ashley Nurmela
      • Brian Hamilton
      • Tracey MacKinnon
      • Robert Jankovic
    • Red River One to be Elected 
      • donna Brown
      • Brian McKinnon  ~ Incumbent announced but not registered
      • David George Noonan
    • Westfort One to be Elected 
      • Joe Virdiramo  ~ incumbent 
      • Frank Scarcello
      • Kristen Oliver  Read Announcement 
    • Neebing One to be Elected 
      • Cody Fraser
      • Richard Gunn
      • Robin Rickards
      • Linda Rydholm  ~ Incumbent
      • Roberta Swchyn
    • McIntyre One to be Elected 
      • Albert Aiello
      • Adam Gulbinowicz
        esley Ramage


  •          At Large Five to be Elected 
    • Diane Armstrong 
    • Mark Bentz
    • Moe (Maureen) Comuzzi
    • Kim Ducharme
    • Trevor Giertuga
    • Larry Hebert
    • Mark Figliomeni
    • Jim Howie
    • Rebecca Johnson
    • Chris "Krumps" Krumpholz
    • Derek W. Lankinen
    • Tracey MacKinnon
    • Stephen Lawrence Margarit
    • Charmaine McCraw
    • Lori Jean Paras
    • Marty Rajala
    • Aldo Ruberto  Incumbengt 
    • Viktor Saari
    • Orville Santa
    • Norm Staal
    • Jim Stadey
    • Lawrence Timko
    • Jeff Upton
    • Margaret Wanlin
    • Frank A Wazinski
    • You Peng



Municipality of Shuniah 

  •          Mayor
      •   Wendy Landry ~ Incumbent

      • Councillors McGregor Three To be Elected 
        • Donna Blunt  Incumbent
        • Angela Calaiezzi
        • Ron Giardetti  Incumbent
        • Ashley MacRae
        • Don Smith ~ Incumbent
      • Councillors McTavis One to be Elected
        • Jo-Anne Hamelin-
        • Duff Stewart-



Ontario Municipal Elections

Ontario Municipal Elections. Elections for municipal government are held every four years on the fourth Monday of October.
The next municipal election will be held Monday, October 22, 2018 

You can file nomination papers from Tuesday, May 1, 2018 up until 2 p.m. on Friday, July 27, 2018.

When you Announce that your are Running for{
  • Mayor 
  • Councillor
  • School Board Trustee

Please send us a write up and a photo to go with your annoncement to

  [email protected]




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