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 Mayority Candidate Shane Judge
Release video on Rainfall Tax

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THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  September 13, 2018  (LSN) Thunder Bay city councillors are about to hit homeowners with a new tax. Those councillors aren’t talking about it during the election campaign. But they’re committed to it. It’s called a stormwater management fee. I call it the rainfall tax. But whatever you call it, it’s a tax grab. Nothing less.


            Councillors are committed to this new tax. They’re paying a consultant a quarter of a million dollars to do measure up your home to send you a bill ranging from $4 to $15 a month. They’ve just put off sticking it to you until after the municipal election because it’s not a platform they want to run on.


            I support the idea of stormwater management. We should be protecting our city against possible flooding. But this isn’t the way to pay for it. Creating a new revenue stream for council merely allows our politicians room to spend money on projects for special interest groups. The incumbents on this council have shown absolutely no discipline when it comes to spending. It’s why we have record debt. It’s why our reserve funds are now considered “risky” by our own city manager.



            I believe in progress. But this spending is putting us at risk of having to sell TBaytel. Our spending should be measured. Basic infrastructure is first. Modest recreation facilities, such as neighbourhood outdoor pools are possible. So are bubbles for indoor facilities. But not the Cadillac versions special interest groups are seeking. Not in this economic climate. Here’s my video take on the rainfall tax.



Submitted by 
Shane Judge
Candidate for Mayor


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