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#LSN_News  Ardelle Sagutcheway of Eabametoong  Bear Clan Patrol Volunteers

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO:   November 6, 2017   (LSN)  NAN Deputy Grand Chief Anna Betty Achneepineskum congratulates recipients of the 2017 Mayor’s Community Safety Awards announced by the City of Thunder Bay this evening.

“I am pleased to congratulate all these deserving recipients who are contributing in many different ways to make this city a safer place,” said DGC Anna Betty Achneepineskum. “I am proud to see community member Ardelle Sagutcheway and her work creating a platform for our young people to share their experiences while living in the city. I am also pleased the Bear Clan Patrol and their volunteer members have been recognized for their contributions to community safety and we will continue to support these and other efforts to increase community safety.”

Ardelle Sagutcheway of Eabametoong, First Nation, received the Young Leader Award. She is an advocate for youth and a member of the Youth Advisory Council for the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth. As a member of this Council she was an involved in the Seven Youth Inquest.

The Bear Clan Patrol received the Outstanding Community Project Award. The Patrol is a community-based solution to crime prevention, providing a sense of safety, solidarity and belonging to both its members and to the communities they serve.  Volunteers spend up to 12 hours a week patrolling waterways and recreational trails.

NAN is currently recruiting volunteers for the Bear Clan Patrol. For more information please visit  or