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October 24th Board of Commissioners Meeting Highlights

Cook Country Board of Commissioners   Lake Superior News
#LSN_News  Commissioners received Legislative Updates

COOK COUNTY, MINNESOTA  October 24, 2017  (LSN)  Following are highlights and key priorities covered at the Tuesday,  Oct 24, Board of Commissioners Meeting:

Video of meeting 

Auditor’s Support Specialist Becomes Permanent
The Board approved the Hiring of Stacy Hawkins, as the Auditor Support Specialist. Stacy has been working on a temporary basis in the Auditor’s office for several months.Voluntary Profit &

Loss Data in Assessment Process
 Todd Smith, County Assessor talked about the annual Assessor’s Resort Information Form. This year MCIS, the County Assessor’s computer platform included support for income valuation as a supplement to the current cost valuation method for assessing property value. Resort owners were asked to provide profit and loss data for the first time on this year’s form and there was some confusion about the change. Financial reporting is voluntary, but it will help the Assessor’s office provide the best possible service and accurate assessment information.

Service Vehicle Approval
Brian Silence, Maintenance Supervisor, asked for approval to replace the primary service truck used by County Maintenance staff. The current maintenance truck will be reallocated to MIS/Radio Communication Towers as their truck is no longer cost effective to service. Silence also noted that a small plaque will be placed in memorial of Don Wilson near the Veterans’ flags in the Courthouse lawn on Veterans Day.

Conditional Use Permit
Bill Lane, Zoning Administrator, asked for the Board’s approval for a Conditional Use Permit allowing the construction of three residences on private property in Schroeder zoned FAR-2. Lane commented that there was no ordinance prohibiting this use and that the Planning Commission approved this application prior to the Board’s consideration.

Annual Emergency Management Performance Grant
Valerie Marasco, Director - Emergency Management & Public Information, asked the Board to accept the annual Emergency Management Planning Grant. This annual grant is used to fund emergency planning activities and coordination throughout the County.

Budget Information Supplement
Administrator Cadwell asked the Board to approve the recently developed budget information piece
to be included in the proposed property tax statements in November.

Legislative Update
The Board recessed until 11 am when Representative Rob Ecklund, Senator Tom Bakk and Scott Sundvall from IRRRB, were on hand to provide a legislative update and to talk about upcoming issues for the next legislative session set to begin on Feb.20, 2018.
Full details of Board Meetings are available through video footage, Agendas and Minutes at County Board Meetings are open to the public.