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Andy Wolf NOP Candidate
Thunder Bay – Superior North

Andy Wolf Northern Ontario Party  Lake Superior News
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THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO - April 19, 2018  (LSN)  I am honoured to be nominated and elected by my fellow party members to be the Northern Ontario Party Candidate for Thunder Bay – Superior North.  I would also like to thank Lake Superior News for the opportunity to put forward our platform and policies.

Northern Ontario has always been a neglected region, exploited for its natural resources by not having the economic growth it deserved and certainly not benefiting from the royalties earned from those natural resources.  This is why the Northern Ontario Party’s main platform is to establish a Northern Ontario Manufacturing Policy.  The Northern Ontario Party’s first elected member will introduce legislation requiring at least 50% of Northern Ontario’s natural resources from mining and forestry, to be fully manufactured in Northern Ontario.


This has always been the policy our party, since Ed Deibel formed the Northern Ontario Party over 40 years ago.  Today our province faces a great dilemma.  Northern Ontario has not seen economic growth in 30 years and its population is declining.  Meanwhile, the Toronto area is choking on its own growth, with ridiculously high housing prices, putting the middle class into debt.  In order to make this a prosperous province once again, the provincial government needs to create an environment to foster significant economic development in Northern Ontario, while stabilizing the housing prices in the Greater Toronto Area.  We believe our manufacturing policy will be a great start to achieving these goals.

Aside from our manufacturing policy, these are some of the other issues the Northern Ontario Party will address:

·         Hydro rates need to come down in our province.  Since Thunder Bay Hydro rates are considerably lower, perhaps utilize this organization’s policies and practices as a working model to restructure the finances of all of our other provincial power companies.

·         We need to expand the two major hospitals in Northern Ontario to accommodate the aging population and the regular gridlock that occurs.  This also means focusing on improving and expanding our Long Term facilities.

·         We need to place the Carbon Tax on, where it truly belongs.  This would be on imports from excessive carbon producing countries.

·          While a rise in MINIMUM WAGE is inevitable, we believe a MAXIMUM WAGE of $350,000 must be imposed on all public sector workers.

·         We need a full review government finances to bring down the cost of living for taxpayers.

·         With regards to the imbalance of industrial and residential municipal taxes we need to replace MPAC with a fair and realistic property evaluation system.


If you vote for the Progressive Conservatives, Liberals or New Democratic Party, you are voting for a representative of that party and its agenda, not the MPP that represents you.  When you choose the Northern Ontario Party, you will be voting for an MPP that REPRESENTS YOU.  Our official party headquarters is right here in Thunder Bay.  Their party headquarters is in Toronto.  The Northern Ontario Party will be committed to working with the next provincial government.  If that government introduces legislation that will be prosperous for all of Ontario, WE WILL SUPPORT IT.  If that government introduces bad legislation, WE WILL VOTE IT DOWN. Other parties are more concerned with being right, whereas the Northern Ontario Party places a higher value on DOING THE RIGHT THING.  The right thing is moving this province forward with policies that bring economic development to ALL REGIONS of the province, that ensures essential services are provided to ALL CITIZENS who need them and that public utilities remain PUBLIC AND AFFORDABLE. 


Our next premier needs to be continually reminded of the promises he or she made for our region.  With Northern Ontario Party MMPs in the Legislature, we will be the provincial watchdog to hold the government accountable and ensure they help the people in need and include them in the decision making processes to help shape the policies of our province.  I’m proud to say, each of our goals in our Party Platform was voted on and approved by over 90% of our membership.  This is how we envision this province to be run. For the People, By the People.  Unlike the other parties who believe democracy ends after election day, we believe after election day, DEMOCRACY BEGINS. 


Andy Wolff 
Northern Ontario Party Candidate
Thunder Bay Superior North?


Elections Ontario

The 42nd Ontario general election is scheduled to be held on or before June 7, 2018.

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