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Moe Comuzzi Seeks PC Nomination for 
Thunder Bay-Atikokan

Moe Comuzzi  Lake Superior News
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THUNDER BAY, ONTAIRO -  March 12, 2018 (LSN)  Today Moe Comuzzi announced that she will seek the nomination for the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario in the Thunder Bay-Atikokan Riding.

Comuzzi, who was born and raised in Thunder Bay and is a life-long resident of Northwestern Ontario, is entering the nomination race to give Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario and voters an experienced, competent candidate in the upcoming provincial election. 

Comuzzi’s business experience in Thunder Bay gives her a solid understanding of how to grow the economy and create jobs in Northern Ontario. 

“Thunder Bay-Atikokan has tremendous opportunities if the government makes the right policy choices in the coming years,” said Comuzzi.  “We must continue moving forward with supporting forestry and mining in the Thunder Bay area as well as manufacturing industries like Bombardier and Resolute Forest Products.  Support to small business is critical at this time and I can be a strong voice at Queen’s Park in this regard.”

“The choice in this election is clear,” Comuzzi said.  “Doug Ford is the right leader for this province.  Doug Ford is a talented and strong individual and the only party leader who can be trusted to represent the interests and concerns of the citizens of this riding.”

 The key, then, is that the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario has a strong candidate in the   Thunder Bay-Atikokan Riding. 

“I have discussed the issues personally with Mr. Ford and received a pledge that he understands and will work to get such projects as the Ring of Fire off the ground and moving as well and to work on resolving Toronto issues surrounding Bombardier.”

 “I would be honoured to serve as the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario candidate and help win this riding in the upcoming election.”

This is the time to make our Province a “Have Province” Unlike the have not Province we have become.

I am excited  not only for the future of our Province but for all our communities in Northwestern Ontario.


Elections Ontario

The 42nd Ontario general election is scheduled to be held on or before June 7, 2018.

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All Register Political partis are welcome to submit stories about their nomination meetings results and thier canidates activities 

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