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Ford to Visit Thunder Bay
May 2nd The Davinci Center

Doug Ford Speaking   Lake Superior News
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THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  April 28, 2018   (LSN)   After fifteen years of the Wynne Liberals letting hydro insiders and executives get rich off the people’s hydro bills, it is time for change. My friends, relief is on its way. I am going to put more money in your pocket, and this is how I am going to do it.

The FIRST thing we’re going to do is return all Hydro One dividends to Ontario families, lowering your hydro bill. That money should be in your pocket, not the government's.

The SECOND thing we’re going to do is stop the Liberal practice of burying the price tag for conservation programs on your hydro bills.

The THIRD thing we’re going to do is cancel Liberal energy projects that are in the pre-construction phase. We will also begin re-negotiating other energy contracts and declare a moratorium on new energy contracts.

Together these three measures will save an average family $173 per year on their hydro bills. That’s 12% savings — on the average family’s hydro bill. Change is coming and relief is on its way for the people!

On the heels of an explosive report from Ontario’s Auditor General exposing that Kathleen Wynne’s real deficit is 75% higher than reported, Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford today committed to launch an independent commission of inquiry, whose mandate is to get to the bottom of the deficit scandal and to propose timely solutions to solving the deficit problem.

“The Auditor General performed a valuable public service and uncovered one of the largest financial scandals in Canadian history,” said Ford. “We now know that, in their desperation, Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals cooked the books. This is a betrayal of the public trust.”

 Ontario’s Auditor General exposed that the Wynne Liberals used a variety of accounting tricks to hide a $5 billion deficit off the government’s books. This deficit is in addition to the $6.7 billion deficit that the Liberals were unable to hide. These hidden deficits are projected to grow to a total of $16.6 billion over the next three years.

“The consequence of Kathleen Wynne’s desperation is now clear. We cannot trust anything about Liberal estimates or projections and their budget is no longer worth the paper it was printed on,” said Ford. “I know that people are angry and want answers.  We’re going to get those answers.”

Ford’s independent commission of inquiry will build on the Auditor General’s work, as well as on best practices from other jurisdictions including former federal Auditor General Sheila Fraser’s probe of the Sponsorship Scandal. The commission will include participation of outside auditors and experts, and be mandated to investigate and recommend options for how to restore integrity in the Government of Ontario’s financial reporting.

“It took 15 years for the Liberals to create this mess and it will not be solved overnight.  But we will restore Ontario to fiscal health in a responsible manner,” said Ford.  “We will deliver on our commitments, clean up the scandals and the waste and protect the services people hold dear.”

“I will not tire and I will not stop until we have restored responsibility, accountability and trust,” Ford concluded, “and Ontario’s finances are healthy and honest once again.”

Ford to Visit Thunder Bay   Lake Superior News


 Ford Thunder Bay,  May 2nd,   Lake Superior News



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The 42nd Ontario general election is scheduled to be held on or before June 7, 2018.

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