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Matt Soprovich Seeks NDP Nomination 
Kenora Raining River

Matt Soprovich NDP  Lake Superior News
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FORT FRANCES, ONTARIO  March 16, 2018  (LSN)  Fort Frances  resident Matt Soprovich, executive director of the Fort Frances Volunteer Bureau, declared Wednesday he will be seeking the nomination for the Ontario New Democratic Party in the upcoming provincial election. 

“I’ve been considering this for a long, long time now and I think it’s finally time to start this journey,” Soprovich told the Times on Monday.  “With the state of Ontario politics as it stands today, I think there’s no better time to offer voters what I know is a better option,” he added. 

“At the heart of it I believe the job of a politician is pretty straightforward,” said Soprovich. “Show up, try hard, care. Put the hours in. Genuinely work to make life a little better along the way for those in your communities. Try to move the stakes.” 

Soprovich plans to build on the strong representation the NDP has in the riding.  He noted it was no small feat that for many years the provincial party was led by Fort Frances native and “indefatigable local boy”, Howard Hampton. 

“I think that in itself speaks volumes about the ability for our small community to make an impact on the greater world of politics,” said Soprovich.  “Up in these parts, being an effective politician means being loud and outspoken.  We’re the farthest corner away from Toronto and the easiest to get lost in the shuffle,” stressed Soprovich. 

“Time and time again we find that in order to get our point across, we have to shout twice as loud to get heard half as well,” he added. “If we don’t have a strong and powerful voice willing to stand up and advocate for our region, we risk being completely forgotten about and totally overlooked.” 

Being an MPP is not for everyone though, he admitted. 

“This job is a great responsibility and should be treated as such,” said Soprovich.  “Your salary is paid directly by the people of your riding. They are your bosses. You work for them. And a politician should never forget that.” 

Soprovich will be posting more of his plans and philosophies on his new Facebook page, which can be found at 

A date has not been set for the NDP nomination meeting. However, due to time constraints and party rules potential new members may only have a matter of a couple of weeks to be eligible to vote in the process. Soprovich stressed that if anyone is considering becoming a member of the party, now is the time to do so. 

The provincial election is currently scheduled for June 7, 2018. 

Elections Ontario

The 42nd Ontario general election is scheduled to be held on or before June 7, 2018.

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