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Rickford Announces supporting 
Caroline Mulroney in Leadership Race

Caroline Mulroney Coming to Thunder Bay Creg Rickford  Lake Superior News
#LSN_News #LSN_OntElection  Mulroney Rickford comming to Thunder Bay Tuesday

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO, February 19, 2018   (LSN)  Creg Rickford, Kenora - Rainy River PC Candidate  is headed to Thunder Bay on Tuesday, February 20th, to join with others to meet and chat with Caroline Mulroney. I am proud to be supporting Caroline in her candidacy for leader of the Ontario PC party. I hope that as many party members as possible from across the great region of Northwestern Ontario will be able to join us tomorrow night at e Sleeping Giant Brewing Company 

Creg Rickford, served as the Minister of Natural Resources in the cabinet of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. 


Elliott's Team explains Derek Parks Support

Melanie Paradis, Christine Elliott Campaign Team, Director of Communications By the way, "the characterization of your recent post about Derek Parks “dumping” Christine Elliott to support Patrick Brown is not accurate. Mr. Parks is still supporting Christine Elliott, as this is a ranked ballot. My understanding is he will support Patrick for #1 and Christine for #2. As we have seen in every other leadership race using a ranked ballot (including the recent federal leadership where Mr. Scheer won by having the majoring of 2nd ballot support), this distinction is very important."

She went on to say that "This will be Elliott, 3rd northern campaign stop, having already visited Cochrane and Timmins. 


Mulroney & Elliott Coming to
TBay this week

Caroline Mulroney Feb 20th 7:30 to 8;30pm  Sleeping Giant Brewing Co.
712 Macdonell street
Christine Elliott Feb 22nd  6 to 8 pm   Thyme restaurant


 Toronto Sun Poll

Toronto Sun Poll Patrick Brown  Lake Superior News

 Toronto Star Poll

Toronto Star Poll  Lake Superior Newsll



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Elections Ontario

The 42nd Ontario general election is scheduled to be held on or before June 7, 2018.

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