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 Brandon Postuma PC Candidate
Thunder Bay-Atikokan

PC Candidate Brandon Postuma   Lake Superior News
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THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO - April 11, 2018  (LSN)  Brandon Postuma is running for the riding of Thunder Bay – Atikokan as a PC candidate. I grew up in rural Thunder Bay before moving to Ottawa to attend University. I hold an Honors degree in Theology and English Studies from University of Ottawa, and a Bachelor of Education from Lakehead University. Not wanting to wait the 5-7 years before a teaching job opened I started a business in Kakabeka which provides farm, garden, and veterinary supplies to local farmers. I am married to my lovely wife Natalie and have three children.

I served as a member of the economic development committee for Oliver-Paipoonge and heard many concerns from the members of our region. Some of the initial concerns I worked to implement with my own means, such as attracting a pharmacy to Kakabeka as well as the clinic. However, the same concerns kept coming up finally prompting me to take a step into provincial politics to see if I can help fix these concerns.

I understand that people often feel misrepresented at Queen’s Park- I want to change that. I believe that we need to do a much better job of having professionals in every field be the ones to create policy. Whether it’s health care, agriculture or tourism, I want to bring the best of the best to the forefront of change.

Change is something we need! With a cloud of uncertainty hanging over northwestern Ontario, we need to find a leader who can work with all peoples and really be the loud voice that represents everyone in Toronto. We need someone who can stand up and present the difficult misunderstandings that too often take over the conversations surrounding our ridings in the North. We need a team player, someone with a proven track record of success that shows us how hard work and listening to others can really make change!   

The journey so far has been fun but is very demanding. The political lens now focuses on campaigning on fake promises that have no intention on ever being acted upon. I do not want to go down this path. There is one promise that I will make, however; I promise that I will be the hardest working politician this area has ever seen.

This election is a change election and we need to have a seat at the table. Since being elected as leader of the PC Party, Doug Ford has spoken to me several times. I have been happy to hear that he is willing to listen to our needs and is open minded to explore creative, new solutions to bring prosperity to Northwestern Ontario. With Ford as the projected premier it is crucial that we have a position that coincides with the future of Queen’s Park and be at the forefront of change. We need investment and we need new ideas.

As a province we can no longer care for our citizens in need the ways we used to because we cannot afford it. We see people suffering in all walks of life especially with our youth and in the senior population. We have many challenges to face: mental health, poverty, health care, stagnant wages, and a government that does not seem to really care about our region.

When I look around Northwestern Ontario I see potential. I see an area that can cultivate huge economic driving forces that could be the engine for Ontario. I want to bring together people from all walks of life and from every area of expertise to be the ones that write our policy and create prosperity. I know that if we all work together up here we can achieve this goal. We must no longer be content with being dictated to. We have to dream bigger.

I know that if people in the North give me and the PC Party a chance, they will be pleasantly surprised. My task now is to listen to citizens in my riding and allow them to tell me what they want. I want to make sure that our policy for change reflects the intentions and desires of all our people and this is a crucial component of my campaign. I look forward to working with everyone in my riding and to hear what they have to say. I am anxious to bring change and investment to the North and I know that if we all work extremely hard we can bring hope to our riding and clear the cloud of uncertainty that has for too long lingered over us all.

Elections Ontario

The 42nd Ontario general election is scheduled to be held on or before June 7, 2018.

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