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Protecting the Rental Community from Predatory Practices

Thunder Bay Public Library  Rent Panda   Lake Superior News
#LSN_News   Tenants, Renters, Landlords and community members

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO - October 17, 2017(LSN)  Landlords, investors and concerned homeowners are invited to join a free workshop on October 30 at Waverly Library Auditorium from 6pm-8pm. The workshop will feature lawyer Mike Maher, certified financial planner Meghan Chomut and Rent Panda founder Richard Togman. They will discuss navigating new changes to the law, how to maximize your investment and how to find the perfect tenant.

Tenants, renters and community members are invited to join a free workshop on November 13 at Waverly Library Auditorium from 6pm-8pm. The workshop will feature Richard Atkinson from Kinna-aweya Legal Clinic and Richard Togman, founder of Rent Panda. They will share their knowledge on tenant’s rights, strategies to find a great home and how you should interview your landlord. 

With Halloween approaching and scary stories being told over campfires, no story is likely to strike more fear into the heart of the community than the horror stories coming out of rental housing.

Everyone has either experienced themselves or know someone who has had a terrible landlord. The ones who violate your privacy, charge sky high rent and who never repair the home you are paying good money for. Similarly, landlords can tell you tales that will send shivers down your spine of tenants who never pay their rent, destroy the property and leave the home smelling like cigarettes and kitty litter.
Rent Panda, Thunder Bay’s one-stop-shop for rental housing, aims to change all that. Rent Panda is sponsoring two free workshops for anyone and everyone who wants to learn how to protect themselves and their loved ones from the predators lurking in the housing market.