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TBDSSAB Operation Budge 2018
$106.7 million 

District of Thunder Bay Social Services Administration Board  Budget  Lake Superior News

THUNDER BAY, ONTARTIO  -  January 8, 2018 – (LSN)  The District of Thunder Bay Social Services Administration Board (TBDSSAB) approved the 2018 operating budget totaling $106.7 million. This represents a $7.1 million increase over the prior year’s budget of $99.6 million. This increase is due to additional financial assistance to Ontario Works (OW) clients, an increase in homelessness prevention activities, child care expansion, and the transfer of the EarlyON Child and Family Centres to TBDSSAB.  

Overall, 67% of the budget will be allocated as transfer payments to individuals, families, and to funded agencies that provide social services consistent with TBDSSAB’s legislated service requirements through Ontario Works, Child Care and EarlyON services, Social Housing, and Homelessness Prevention programs. 

In addition, the Board approved a capital budget totaling $3,636,700 (2017: $3,604,000), representing those projects which are capital in nature and financed from the Direct-Owned Housing Portfolio Capital Replacement Reserve Fund.

A total of 69%, or $74.7 million, of TBDSSAB’s 2018 funding is expected to be provided by the provincial and federal levels of government, an increase of $7.6 million over the 2017 budget. An additional 19% of the budget will be acquired through a levy to the 15 municipalities located in the District of Thunder Bay, 2% from the levy for unincorporated territories, and 11% from tenant rent payments.

Although the total operating budget for 2018 will increase by 7.1% over 2017, the portion that will be financed from the levy to municipalities will decrease by 3%, or $703,300. The apportionment of the 2017 levy is calculated using weighted assessment; therefore, the change in levy for each municipality will depend on weighted assessment changes experienced by each community, relative to the other 14 communities.

The TBDSSAB employs more than 180 people who work in the delivery and administration of provincially and federally mandated programs and services. The Board is comprised of 14 members. Thirteen members are appointed from municipal councils and the member representing the unincorporated territories is elected by the residents of those areas.



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