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Is South McKellar Ward at Risk?

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THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  - May 12, 2019  (LSN)  South McKellar ward is at risk. Substance  abuse, crime and economic exclusion destabilizes the  neighbourhood.
So where do we put our efforts as a community? With a hammer or daily onslaught by police?

Where you see this, it is a sign we have failed as a community. Let’s activate those measures that will create a safer area where children, families and businesses can thrive.

At the very least, let’s not shut down a century old facility that has been doing just that for 108 years.

Soccer pitches and spectator facilities have powerful corporate advocates.

The kids in south McKellar have just ordinary folks to stand up for them. 

Shuttering Dease Pool is inconsistent with Thunder Bay’s anti-racism strategy.

Oldest Pool in Canada:
According to the Belmont Historical Society, Underwood Pool in Massachusetts is the oldest outdoor community pool in America. Underwood was built in 1912.
Dease Pool was built in 1911.
We have yet to uncover an older outdoor community pool in Canada.

Water Water Everywhere: We live on the edge of Lake Superior. We have three rivers and Boulevard Lake. Nationally, after boating and aquatic activities, unintended water entry (such as an unexpected fall into water) during a non-aquatic activity accounted for the second greatest proportion of incidents (19%). An average of 88 people drowned each year after falling into water.

Drowning deaths show we are a nation of water lovers without water sense  Water is where we head frequently for recreation – in all four seasons, but especially in the summer, for swimming, boating, skating, fishing, tubing or water-skiing – as well as transportation, work and sustenance.

For a country where virtually every citizen lives within spitting distance of a body of water, we're pretty lackadaisical about water safety.

That is reflected in the pretty gruesome drowning statistics that have been published by the Red Cross Society,

Over two decades, there were 10,511 accidental drownings, according to coroners' reports. That's an average of 525 deaths a year.  - Globe and Mail 2018.

what has the research found

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Learning to swim saves lives. Swimming is an essential safety technique that often means the difference between life and death. More, swimming is a low impact activity that provides children with excellent exercise. It is ideal for long term health and wellness, unlike other sports and exercise that contribute to the premature breakdown of the body.

Experts agree, your child should begin learning to swim at the earliest age possible. Here are some reasons why:


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