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Flooding of the Kam River Fort William Historical Park

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  - January 30, 2019 (LSN)  Fort William Historical Park (FWHP) has experienced flooding on its property over the few past weeks.  As a result, the Fort has activated its flood protocols which include, amongst other actions, relocating animals and artifacts to higher elevations, implementing safety protocols for all visitors and staff, and restricting access to the site.
FWHP is currently executing its Flood Response Plan, which ensures people are protected from harm and that damage is minimized.  Fort William continues to work with regulatory authorities to ensure the protection of its assets and has implemented flood proofing in buildings, installed water sensors and developed flood policies and mechanisms.
The Historic Site has temporarily been closed, requiring the cancellation of the Voyageur Winter Carnival, March Break Day Camps, and David Thompson Astronomical Observatory programs. Education programs and banquets are being relocated to alternate sites where possible.
“Though disappointing to cancel events and programming, the health and safety of staff and visitors is paramount.” states Sergio Buonocore, FWHP’s General Manager. “We appreciate the public’s patience as we manage this situation, and look forward to welcoming back visitors once it is safe to do so.”



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