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John and Joe Pateman Celebrate Book Launch
Managing Cultural Change in Public Libraries:
Marx, Maslow and Management

John Pateman Celebrate Book Launch  Lake Superior News

TORONTO, ONTARIO - January 31, 2019   (LSN)

The CEO / Chief Librarian of Thunder Bay Public Library, John Pateman, and PHD (political science) candidate Joe Pateman celebrated the launch of their new book today at the Ontario Library Association Superconference.  The book is titled Managing Cultural Change in Public Libraries: Marx, Maslow and Management.  


The book provides an analytical framework for achieving cultural change in public libraries, which are one of the longest and most enduring public sector institutions.  This analytical framework was developed by synthesizing the ideas of Karl Marx (‘From each according to his ability and to each according to his needs’), Abraham Maslow (The Hierarchy of Needs), and Management thinkers such as Jim Collins (author of Built to Last and Good to Great).


At the launch, John and Joe Pateman asserted that “The public library must remain relevant to the needs of the community it serves. The stand-alone traditional public library is being transformed into a multi use, community led and needs based community hub. As Marx observed, understanding the world is not enough; we must also seek to change it. The public library must realize its potential to become an agency of social change.”


The book is a mixture of political science and psychology and provides a new way of framing the challenge of creating long lasting and impactful cultural change in public libraries so that libraries are truly ‘open to all’.


This book will be of interest to undergraduate and post graduate students, practitioners and policy makers in the UK, Europe and North America and may be purchased at


Copies of the book will be available for borrowing at all locations of the Thunder Bay Public Library.





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