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400 Illegals Per Day This Summer,
In Quebec Alone
Trudeau’s solution, send them to Ontario

Rempel-vs-Hussen-Illegal-Border-Crossings  Lake Superior News

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA  - April 21, 2018  (LSN)  The Trudeau government keeps creating more and more of an incentive for people to enter Canada illegally.

During a recent showdown in Question Period, Conservative Immigration Critic Michelle Rempel asked Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen to stop giving excuses, and finally explain how he will end the growing illegal border crossing crisis.

Hussen responded with excuses.

He even tried to shift blame to the Conservatives, for not voting in favour of more government spending on ‘processing’ illegal border crossers.

Despicably, he then tried to attack the Conservatives on the issue of resettling survivors of Islamic State brutality (or “Daesh” as Hussen referred to it). What makes that argument by Hussen so absurd is that for many months the Conservatives were demanding that the Trudeau government do more to bring Yazidi refugees to Canada, while the Liberals slow-walked it. In fact, Rempel was a key leader of the effort to help the Yazidis.

So, for Hussen to try and throw that back on the Opposition is a disgrace.

Rempel responded by suggestion something that could help solve the problem – making the entire Canadian border an officially designated point of entry, which would fix the ‘third safe country agreement’ loophole that lets people make asylum claims if they cross illegally.

Hussen flat-out ignored Rempel’s suggestion, and then attacked the Conservatives for ‘cutting refugee healthcare.’ Of course, many would point out that the first duty of the Canadian government is to provide healthcare to Canadian citizens, but Hussen and Trudeau have never showed much interest in helping Canadians.

Watch the exchange below:

Hussen’s refusal to answer the questions shows that he’s not interested in solutions. As a result, he and Trudeau are ensuring that the illegal crossings continue, by leaving all the incentives to cross illegally in place: Welfare cheques, housing, healthcare, and work permits.

So, expect the surge of illegal migrants to continue until we have a government that actually serves the Canadian people, not those who violate our border.

Spencer Fernando

The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by Lake Superior News / Lake Superior Media.

Spencer Fernando
Spencer Fernando  Lake Superior News

Spencer Fernando is based in Winnipeg