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B.C. Leads The Nation In Untreated Sewage Overflows

BC Priemier Horgan Province with the most  Untreated Sewage Overflows  Lake Superior News

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA - April 16, 2018  (LSN)  Report shows that nearly 40% of all the untreated sewage overflows in Canada take place in British Columbia.

B.C. NDP Premier John Horgan and the far-left have been busy trying to stoke fears about the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion in an effort to crush the essential project.

Yet, perhaps Horgan is also seeking to distract from the real pollution problem in B.C.

Huge amounts of untreated sewage flowing into the water.

According to a Toronto Star report based upon Statistics Canada data, nearly 40% of all sewage overflows in Canada took place in B.C.

“That means pathogens — bacteria, viruses or other harmful micro-organisms — could end up in waterways used for recreation or even drinking water,” the report notes.

Interestingly, we don’t hear John Horgan making a huge deal about this, do we?

The hypocrisy is stunning, since the sewage overflows are causing serious problems:

“The risks to human health were highlighted this week by the B.C. Centre for Disease Control. About 40 people have reported acute gastrointestinal illness after eating raw oysters since early March, and norovirus was confirmed in some of those cases. As a result, two oyster farms in B.C. have been closed.”

So, despite the stellar safety record of pipelines, Horgan is trying to denigrate and demonize a project that will benefit all Canadians, while ignoring a serious sewage problem in his own backyard.

It’s a point that was well made by Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe on Twitter:

BC Combined Sewage Overflows  Lake Superior News

Hypocrite Horgan ignores real problem
It turns out that many cities don’t even notify residents when the sewage overflows are taking place, meaning people aren’t alerted to the potential danger.

Where is Horgan’s action on that?

Said epidemiologist Marsha Taylor, “It’s important for people to know that human sewage in our waters may be impacting some of the food we eat. It’s an important issue to a lot of us that live so close to the water.”

That is a serious issue that needs to be addressed, but instead, Horgan focuses on pipelines.

The hypocrisy is unbelievable.

He’s become ‘Hypocrite Horgan,’ and it’s hard to believe how he could have even a shred of credibility.

Spencer Fernando

The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by Lake Superior News / Lake Superior Media.

Spencer Fernando
Spencer Fernando  Lake Superior News

Spencer Fernando is based in Winnipeg