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Canada Border Service audit reveals SERIOUS failures in migrant screening

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TORONTO, ONTARIO - August 19, 2018   (LSN) A Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) internal audit details gaps in the refugee and migrant screening process, uncovering dozens, if not hundreds, of asylum applicants who went unscreened in one form or another.

Sheila Gunn Reid of The Rebel.Media reports: Today I'm bringing you another Rebel access-to-information investigation, the first in a four part examination of a Canada Border Services Agency refugee screening audit that had been selectively edited before publication

The original audit, called the Audit of Operation Syrian Refugee - CBSA Security Screening, was redacted but a full version of it was leaked to the mainstream media.

Global News devoted a one-page article to the full version of the audit, reporting that “for 150 files, part of the screening process did not occur, meaning that ‘key information may not have been identified or considered’ when approving refugees” and “39 Syrian refugees who should have undergone comprehensive security checks were not screened before arriving in Canada, although they were recorded as having been.”

Given that the screening process is designed to weed out fake refugees and prevent war criminals, terrorists and other national security threats from entering the country, this is a serious failure of government mechanisms designed to keep us all safe.

It deserves a closer look, so we began sifting through it with a fine-tooth comb, and what we found is shocking.
In the first document you can see that 11 out of 6963 immigration files did not match with CBSA records. Why not?

One document revealed that 135 files screened by government officials lacked evidence of having received an open source check - a basic internet Google search - and none of 150 files identified had a documented integrated query check.

The document explained, “the potential impact of the missed open source and integrated query checks during screening is that key information may not have been identified or considered when making the admissibility recommendation to immigration, refugees and citizenship Canada.“

An internal government email showed 22 people ages 19 to 52 - prime terrorism age, by the way, who had no comprehensive security screening done at all.

In another part of the audit, officials admit that for a time adult children were not required to be interviewed independent of their parents, which makes it easy for everybody to keep their story straight.

Another audit document told the story of those making refugee claims from Ankara Turkey, a stable safe place away from the Syrian Civil War.

The only people who were refused entry into Canada were those who didn't show up for an interview.

Tomorrow I'll show you another nine documents describing refugee claimants slipping through the security screening cracks.



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