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POLL: Canadians Are Turning Against Trudeau’s Carbon Tax

Trudeau Carbon Tax   Lake superior News

WINNIPEG, MANATOBA  -  February 4, 2018  (LSN) A majority of Canadians now oppose the carbon tax Trudeau is trying to force on the country

That’s what has been revealed in a new poll by Angus Reid which shows support for Trudeau’s carbon tax is collapsing.
According to the survey, a combination of resentment to Trudeau’s imposition of the tax on the provinces and concern over Canada being disadvantaged economically compared to the United States, is damaging support for the carbon tax nationwide. Not to mention the fact that Canadians don’t want to see even more of our money stolen by the government.

Here are some of the key poll results:

  • The number of Canadians supporting a national carbon tax has dropped from 56% in April of 2015, to just 44% in June of 2017.
  • 56% of Canadians are opposed. A majority oppose the tax in all provinces except B.C. – where it’s a 50/50 tie, and Quebec, where 55% support it and 45% are against it.
  • Opposition is highest in Alberta (68% opposed, and Saskatchewan (71% opposed). Even in Ontario, a clear majority (59%) are against the Trudeau government carbon tax plan.

People want their provinces to fight

  • The poll notes that when given three options (come up with provincial plan, let the Trudeau plan be implemented, or fight the federal carbon tax), more Canadians pick fighting the tax.
  • 43% say fight, 38% say bring in a provincial plan, and only 19% say implement the Trudeau plan.

Economic competitiveness fears

  • 55% of Canadians say “Canada should hold off on carbon pricing to avoid having a competitive disadvantage with the U.S.”
  • 45% say “What the U.S. does shouldn’t matter – Canada should implement carbon pricing now.”

Keep up the pressure against Trudeau’s dangerous carbon tax

As Canadians see more of Trudeau’s carbon tax plan, they are turning against it. As Angus Reid says, “Canadians liked carbon tax in theory, but support declines as plan becomes a reality.”

That’s why we need to keep up the pressure and keep fighting. Trudeau must be constantly held accountable for forcing this economically damaging and dangerous plan on Canadians. This needs to be a big election issue. As the numbers show, running on getting rid of Trudeau’s carbon tax can be a winning position.

Spencer Fernando
Spencer Fernando  Lake Superior News

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