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Elizabeth May Raises Possibility Of Far-Left Liberal-Green-NDP COALITION Against Conservatives Even If Scheer Wins Most Seats
Elizabeth May Raises Possibility Of Far-Left Liberal-Green-NDP COALITION   Lake Superior News

#LSN_Opinion   Spencer Fernando Elizabeth May

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA -  May 20, 2019   (LSN)  Increasingly, it seems that a Conservative majority is the only way to stop the anti-Canadian effort to destroy our energy industry. With the Green Party rising in the polls, Elizabeth May has been given a tremendous opportunity to reshape the political spectrum.

But instead of making the most of that opportunity, May is announcing that she is willing to be nothing more than a stooge to Justin Trudeau in order to keep him in power.
It turns out that a vote for the Greens might end up being the same as a vote for the Liberals.
That’s because Elizabeth May has now made clear that she is willing to support a coalition government that keeps the Liberals in power – even if the Conservatives win the most votes and seats.

As reported by Althia Raj of the Huffington Post, “If the 2019 election ends up in a minority situation but the Tories have the most seats, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May thinks the Liberal government should try to form a new government with support from other parties.”

Think about that for a second.

Even if the Liberals lose, Elizabeth May thinks Trudeau should stay in power.
That is crazy, and disturbing.

Is Elizabeth May actually trying to win, or is she trying to a be a servant of Justin Trudeau and his corrupt government?

It surely seems like the latter.
And consider how devastating that Liberal-Green-NDP Coalition would be.
The NDP wants to wipe out the energy industry and says we can’t use oil.
The Greens want to DOUBLE the carbon tax.


The economy and our energy industry would be absolutely crushed, and investment and jobs would flee Canada in even larger numbers.

As a result of this new coalition threat, one thing is absolutely clear: Only a Conservative majority can protect our economy and the future of our nation.

By: Spencer Fernando

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Spencer Fernando
Spencer Fernando  Lake Superior News

Spencer Fernando is based in Winnipeg