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Liberals add “gender rights” to energy approval process

Minister Catherine McKenna  Lake Superior News
#LSN_Opinion  Rebel Media  Catherine McKenna Minister of Environment and Climate Change

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO,  February 11, 2018   (LSN)  The Liberals just turfed the apolitical National Energy Board in favour of some politically-charged regulator rooted in social justice.

And the worst part is, the new regulations seem to imply that oil and gas workers are … sex offenders?

After accusing the Conservatives of gutting the environmental assessment process for political reasons, environment Minister Catherine McKenna announced her new criteria:

“All projects will be assessed not just for environmental impacts but also for impacts on health, the economy, social issues, gender and Indigenous rights”

McKenna also said projects will be assessed on the basis of “robust science, evidence and traditional indigenous knowledge,” whatever that means.

How on earth does one assess the gender-rights impact of an energy project?

CTV’s Don Martin was wondering the same thing when Catherine McKenna went on his show to explain the new regulatory criteria.

WATCH my video to see McKenna’s cuckaloo, man-hating response, and my response to her.

I'm not pleased.

Sheila Gunn Reid

The Rebel.

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