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In Shocking Development, Gerald Butts Resigns From PMO

Gerald Butts Resigns From PMO  Lake Superior News

#LSN_Opinion   Spencer Fernando Butts and Trudeau 

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA -  February 18, 2019   (LSN)   In a bombshell development, Trudeau’s Principal Advisor, long-time friend, and most powerful political staff member has announced that he’s leaving the PMO as the SNC-Lavalin scandal continues to surge out of control.

Trudeau’s long-time friend and most powerful advisor is out as the PMO scandal continues to escalate.

Here’s the statement from Butts:


This is an absolutely stunning development.
Butts had a massive amount of power, and was so influential that Trudeau once told his MPs that anything they got told by Butts should be assumed to be from Trudeau himself.


Gerald Butts Statement   Lake Superior News

However, many people didn’t like Gerald Butts, as he centralized power and control in the PMO.

Additionally, Butts was a big part of the absolutely disastrous policies implemented by the Ontario Liberals, and brought those same destructive policies to Ottawa.
Now, Canadians are asking why Butts would resign if he supposedly did nothing wrong, and it’s clear that the PMO scandal only continues to grow each day

By: Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Spencer Fernando
Spencer Fernando  Lake Superior News

Spencer Fernando is based in Winnipeg