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ILLEGAL BORDER CROSSING POLL: Canadians REJECT Trudeau Approach, Side With Conservatives

Trudeau illegal border crossers, Crisis  Lake Superior News
#LSN_Opinion   Spencer Fernando

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA -  Auguest 4, 2-018   (LSN)  The effort by Trudeau and the elites to downplay the crisis has failed miserably.
A new survey by Angus Reid shows a clear majority of Canadians rejecting Justin Trudeau’s do-nothing approach to the illegal border crossing crisis.

Here are some of the key numbers:

While the Trudeau Liberals have tried saying the illegal crossings are not a crisis, 67% of Canadians call it a “crisis,” vs just 33% who say it’s not a crisis.

58% of Canadians say Canada is “too generous” towards illegal border crossers, an increase from the 53% who said that in 2017.
While 50% say it’s important or a majority priority to help those who cross illegally, 78% say stronger border security should be the focus.

65% say “this is too many people for Canada to handle” when it comes to those crossing into Canada illegally.

Trudeau’s approach rejected by supporters of all parties
Trudeau, Hussen, Goodale, and now Blair have all tried to say Canada can manage the influx. But even Liberal party supporters aren’t buying it. While 84% of people who voted Conservative say the illegal crossings are more than Canada can handle, 56% of those who voted Liberal, and 53% of those who voted NDP also say the same thing.

A majority of people from all age groups and education levels say the same thing as well.

78% say it’s important for the border to become stronger, with things such as “police, immigration officers and technology (such as drones) to monitor and secure the unguarded areas of our border.”

Another question asked what individual respondents would focus resources on if they were in control of the Canadian border:

5% said they would focus only on “assisting the arrivals,” 24% said they would focus “mostly on assisting the arrivals,” 46% said they would focus “mostly on border monitoring and security,” and 25% said they would focus “exclusively on border monitoring and security.”

Most Canadians don’t see illegal border crossers as genuine refugees
The survey asked whether people saw the illegal border crossers as genuine refugees, or economic opportunists.

27% said they were mostly genuine refugees, 40% said they were mostly economic opportunists, and 34% said it was about half and half.

More Canadians trust Scheer to handle crisis by wide margin
When asked which party leader they trusted most to handle the illegal border crossing crisis, 48% said Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, compared to 35% who said Trudeau, and 16% who said Jagmeet Singh.

Amazingly, 30% of Liberal supporters trust Scheer, showing that Trudeau faces significant doubts about his handling of the crisis even within his own party.

Canadians have common sense and we want our border secured
The results of this survey are not a big surprise. Canadians are a common sense people, and it’s simply common sense that a nation should have control over its borders. With the costs of illegal border crossings adding up, and provincial/municipal governments facing ever-escalating burdens from the never ending influx, it’s obvious that the situation at the border is out of control, and is a serious crisis for our nation.

The Conservatives need to keep hammering away at the Trudeau Liberals, holding them accountable for their betrayal of Canadians and making sure Trudeau can’t sneak his way out of the crisis he created.

Spencer Fernando

The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by Lake Superior News / Lake Superior Media.

Spencer Fernando
Spencer Fernando  Lake Superior News

Spencer Fernando is based in Winnipeg