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Doug Ford Slams Liberal Government As They Try Falsely Blaming Him For Bombardier Layoffs
Doug Ford Slams Liberal Government As They Try Falsely Blaming Him For Bombardier Layoffs  Lake Superior News

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WINNIPEG, MANITOBA -  July 10, 2019   (LSN) Liberal government is “sitting on their hands” says Ontario Premier.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is fighting back after the federal Liberals try to blame him for the layoffs announced by Bombardier.

Liberal Labour Minister Patty Hajdu tried to blame Ford in earlier comments, despite the fact that the Liberals have repeatedly bailed out Bombardier without securing any protections whatsoever for Canadian workers.

At a press conference, Ford fired back against the false Liberal claims:
“They’ve been sitting on their hands. My message to the federal government is: ‘We put our money where our mouth is. Where is their money?'” said Ford.


Desperate & Deceptive Liberals
The Liberals are desperately trying to shift blame, as many Canadians ask why so much taxpayer money was given to Bombardier without any protection for Canadian workers.
The fact remains that the Liberals bailed out Bombardier without using any of their leverage, and Canadians have watched as our tax dollars went to give bonuses to Bombardier’s incompetent executives while Canadian jobs and Canadian assets were slashed.
Ford is right to be pushing back, and the deception and lies of the Liberals must be exposed.


Spencer Fernando


The Liberals Bailed Out Bombardier Without Securing Any Protections For Canadian Workers. Now, They’re Desperately Trying To Blame Doug Ford For Job Cuts.

The Trudeau Liberal government has continually shown a willingness to bail out Bombardier with Canadian taxpayer dollars.
In those situations, they had an extremely high degree of leverage over the company, as Bombardier was desperate for money after failing in the free market once again.
The Liberals could have set strict conditions for any bailout funds, including job protection guarantees for Canadian workers, firing the failed Bombardier executives, and restricting executive pay and bonuses.
Yet, the Liberals failed to use that leverage, and now Canadian workers are paying the price.

The Liberals gave Bombardier our tax dollars without securing anything in return, and since being bailed out we have repeatedly watched as Bombardier sold off Canadian assets, slashed jobs in Canada, and paid their executives exorbitant bonuses.
And now, there are more job cuts, with Bombardier announcing that half of the 1100 jobs at the railway car plant in Thunder Bay will be eliminated.
Yet, despite the fact that the federal Liberals got out-negotiated and out-played by Bombardier, they are stunningly trying to blame Doug Ford.
It’s absolutely pathetic.

On Twitter, Liberal Labour Minister Patty Hajdu tried pinning the blame on Ford:
“While our federal government and the hardworking people in my community worked to save jobs at the Bombardier plant, Doug Ford sat on his hands and made empty promises. His government let these critical investments lapse.”



Hajdu’s comments and the Liberals pathetic spin-job are a total disgrace.
This is a failure of the Liberal government, full stop.
They had leverage over Bombardier.
They could have protected Canadian jobs in return for giving bailout funds.
They failed.
Instead, they gave Bombardier the money and did nothing to stand up for Canadian workers, enriching a few super-rich elitist CEOs at the expense of Canadian taxpayers.
No amount of lying or shifting the blame by the desperate far-left Liberals can change that fundamental reality.


Spencer Fernando
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Spencer Fernando
Spencer Fernando  Lake Superior News

Spencer Fernando is based in Winnipeg