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Fraser Institute study reveals “massive” cash grab

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#LSN_Opinion    Where does it all go?

THUNDER BAY, ONTGARIO  August 27, 2017  (LSN)  A new Fraser Institute study shows that the average Canadian family pays 42.5 per cent in taxes, including all types, demonstrating how much the government has been whittling away at our paycheques over the last 55 years. 

“Massive” cash grab revealed in latest Fraser Institute study - YouTube

Holly Nicholas shares the shocking findings from the latest Fraser Institute report revealing how much of their income Canadians hand over to the government when all taxes are combined

You can check out the full stunning report on their website for the detailed calculations, but what are the high level findings of the report?

They found that the index has increased by 2006 per cent and the average Canadian family making just over $83,000 per year is paying over $35,000 in taxes.

That’s a massive cash grab for the government and that’s for just one year!
The actual tax rate has increased from 33.5 to 42.5 per cent — a full nine percentage points.
And at this point, we’re spending almost as much on taxes as we are on necessities.

Taxes versus the Necessities of Life: The Canadian Consumer Tax Index, 2017 Edition

Canadian Consumer Tax Index 2017 - YouTube

Despite high housing costs across the country, the average Canadian family spent more on taxes in 2016 than housing, food and clothing combined. Watch this video to find out more.

Consider the $500 million spent on the Canada 150 celebration, or the giant rubber duck in Ontario that cost taxpayers $200,000

And what about over half a million spent in moving expenses alone when a Canada Revenue Agency bureaucrat moved 192 kilometres from Richmond Hill to Bellevue, Ontario, all paid for by taxpayers

Holly Nicholas
Rebel Commentator