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Maxime Bernier hires former anti-oil sands activist

Maxime Bernier hires former anti-oil sands activist   Lake Superior News
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TORONTO, ONTARIO  -  March 10, 2019  (LSN)  Peoples Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier has hired a fossil fuel divestor as an Electoral District Association (EDA) coordinator in his national party office. 

At a time when oil companies are fleeing Alberta, like the US-based Devon Energy, companies like BP own three oil sands assets in the Athabasca basin – Maxime Bernier has a staffer working for him that wanted companies operating in the oil sands to tank.

Alberta has a tough time being represented in Ottawa. Confederation has systematically oppressed the West, from equalization to the number of seats they have in Parliament – they are the country’s underdog. It’s part of the reason Alberta has been so excited about Maxime – he won the CPC leadership vote in Alberta by a landslide, he swept Calgary, most of Edmonton, and split the rural vote with Scheer.

But now we are seeing something different: Maxime Bernier —the "Albertan from Quebec" — hired an anti-oil sands activist, Tyrie worked closely with Fossil Free UW, a campus club hell-bent on stopping pipelines and suffocating Alberta. Bernier’s staff now features someone who believed — just eleven months ago — that because the University of Waterloo has money in energy investments, that it is “responsible for devastating our climate and our future.”

I contacted Daniel Tyrie about this, and he told me that he has since changed and that he was caught up in a sort of undergraduate climate hysteria. Tyrie said, “[He] now views fossil fuels and pipelines in particular as necessary for both economic stability and national unity in Canada.”
The PPC told The Rebel that they were not aware of the article written by Tyrie at the time he was hired. They added that Tyrie was with Maxime at the recent United We Roll convoy in Ottawa, and:
“There is no reason to doubt his beliefs, which in any case cannot have any impact on PPC policies as he is only involved on the organizational side and not on policies.”

ByKeean Bexte
Rebel Contributor






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