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Angus Reid poll: shows more Canadians disapprove of Trudeau than approve

Trudeau Approval Rating  Lake Superior News

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  -  dECEMBER 15, 2017   (LSN) For the first time since the 2015 election, the Angus Reid poll shows more Canadians disapprove of Trudeau than approve.
While the Trudeau Liberals recently won 3 out of 4 by-elections, there are signs that their growing ethical controversies and failures are starting to take a toll.
As many pointed out, the Liberals lost votes overall in the by-elections when compared to the 2015 election, while the Conservatives gained overall (though the Liberals did gain enough in one specific riding to take it from the Conservatives).

Now, it appears that the accumulated political damage on the government is impacting Justin Trudeau’s approval rating.

A new Angus Reid poll shows Justin Trudeau’s approval rating at 46%, while 49% disapprove.
It’s the first time Angus Reid has shown Trudeau below 50% approval, and it marks the first time his approval rating has fallen into negative territory.

Trudeau leads in both approval and disapproval, showing a country evenly divided – despite the efforts of the elites in Canada (and around the globe) to prop up Trudeau’s image.

Jagmeet Singh has the approval of 39% of Canadians, while 33% disapprove, with 28% unsure.
This shows both potential and concern for both Scheer and Singh. If they can positively define themselves for those who don’t yet have an opinion, they can expand their support. However, if they are negatively defined in the minds of those currently unsure, their support will be locked at too low a level to compete.
Trudeau’s opponents more energized than his supporters
A key note in the poll shows a wide gap between those who strongly approve of Trudeau, and those who strongly disapprove.

Just 13% strongly approve, while 29% strongly disapprove. 34% somewhat approve, while 20% somewhat disapprove.
This shows nearly a third of Canadians are intensely opposed to Justin Trudeau, while just over 1/10 are unshakable supporters.


Yet, despite the growing intensity of opposition, Trudeau still has powerful forces on his side.

While his numbers are slowly heading downward in the long-term trend, Trudeau has the elites and the establishment media in his corner. And we know there are no lengths the corrupt establishment won’t go to in order to hold onto power.

That’s why Trudeau’s fake media image must be eroded bit by bit, and the opposition playing it safe or playing it “nice” won’t get the job done.

That means the opposition parties – and all Canadian Patriots – must continue to be tough in the fight against Trudeau, holding him accountable for every ethical scandal and betrayal of our country by getting the truth directly to the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando


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