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Nude photo shoot tells women  Grab them by the Ballot

Nude photo shoot tells women  Grab them by the Ballot  Lake Superior News
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TORONTO, ONTARIO  - November 3, 2018 (LSN)  Martina Markota of The Rebel reports on a bizarre left-wing campaign called "Grab them by the Ballot" that's using nude photos to encourage women to vote Democrat.

I’ve been following this Grab Them By the Ballot campaign, and it really is stupid. They have no talking points for this election, other than "let’s get naked and virtue signal", and "we are diverse women!"

The Daily Mail reports:
“A diverse group of women stripped off for photographs with just a ballot covering their privates as part of a campaign to urge people to vote Democrat in the upcoming midterm elections.
"Ten women took part in the series called 'Grab Them By The Ballot' hoping the powerful images will encourage people to cast their ballot on November 6.”
These women have no argument or points to make, just photos of nude women to show “empowerment,” with a tired catchphrase:

The name of the campaign is "a play on President Donald Trump's now-infamous comments while aboard an Access Hollywood bus."

These people are obsessed with that phrase from Trump. But they excuse Bill and Hillary for actual rape and sexual abuse, with Hillary calling Bill's victims "trash."
So a bunch of naked middle-aged women is supposed to persuade people to vote against Republicans?
I don’t understand these people. They strip down to be empowered, but then they get mad at renaissance art if there’s nudity. And when they’re stripped down, you better not look at them! If you look at them when they’re naked it’s a microaggression. None of this makes sense.
I am a woman, and I say vote Republican!

By Martina Markota 
Rebel Contributor 



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