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Reason for Optimisn

Ken Boshcoff

As of Election Day the community of Thunder Bay has just received a massive infusion of new energy and new thinking. This is enough to give pause and recognize that the voters were selective and focused in their choices for their City Council.

The standard old preditions fell apart as newcomers such as Cody Fraser won in a field where traditional thought was that an incumbent who faced more that one challenger could pretty much relax during the campaign. A new era is upon us.
The new team under sturdy Bill Mauro has a valuable blend of experience and fresh perspectives. Combining wisdom with new ideas can only auger well for our community.

Indeed it gives us optimism that many of the issues that have been 'studied to death' may see some action. We have numerous frustrated committees and task forces that have been producing the same recommendations for years that are now expecting to see some spark from their efforts.

From the widespread consensus among candidates and those elected we truly have 5 core issues  they have indicated a willingness to dig into and  address. As a reminder these: are economic growth, rising taxes & civic costs, crime, social issues including racism and infrastructural upkeep to name but a few.

Those alone will be a full plate and yet there will be a long line up of requests for civic funding for a huge number of other projects. The learning curve of the new group will be acceleratedly steep but they say they are keen to start and I believe them. They do deserve our support so cut some slack whilst they get to know each others' strengths.
The infusion of new blood is contagious as long-serving Councillors will draw inspiration and will see their years of experience pay some dividends as they nurture the new keeners.

This Council will also have to do some bridgebuilding with the neighbouring  communities of Northwestern Ontario both municipal and Indigenous and this should also be viewed as grounds for strengthening positive relations.

The spark of this new hope is evidenced throughout our region and I believe strongly that this opportunity to formulate re-energized relations with our newly-elected Provincial representatives and re-affirm our work with the Federal reps will happen quickly, indeed there are signs these  initiatives are already underway.

To the new Council and of those throughout the NorthWest I believe the citizens want you to succeed mightily and all that I speak to want to do all they can to make that a reality.Listen to the people-they want you to succeed !

Congratulations,  Work Hard, Reply to calls and messages, and Thank You for your commitment to our community.

Most Sincerely,
Ken Boshcoff

Former Councillor Mayor MP and Past President of AMO NOMA & OGRA

The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by Lake Superior News / Lake Superior Media.