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Time for Common Sense actions
on ISIS Terrorists

Trudeau-Government-NOT-TRACKING-Interventions-With-ISIS-Fighters-In-Canada  Lake Superior News

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA,  March 11, 2018  (LSN) Time for the government to take common sense action and keep our country safe. It’s sad that we even have to say such an obvious truth, but the government doesn’t owe anything to ISIS terrorists.

Instead, the government owes law-abiding Canadians a safe and secure nation.
That means punishing our enemies, and keeping them out of Canada whenever possible.

However, the Trudeau government seems to have completely reversed this.
Instead of doing everything possible – including enforcing current laws and strengthening legislation to deal with ISIS terrorists – the Trudeau government has gone out of their way to make it easy for ISIS terrorists to retain Canadian citizenship, avoid getting killed on the battlefield (since Canada isn’t taking them out), and then come back to Canada and get taxpayer funded “reintegration” programs.

Yet, by taking such a weak approach to ISIS, the Trudeau government is totally ignoring public opinion.

Recently, I put two polls on Twitter asking what people think about how Canada should deal with ISIS terrorists. The results were quite clear:

 As you can see almost nobody wants “reintegration.” Instead, people want the death penalty or deportation.

This makes perfect sense, when you consider that at least half of Canadians remain supportive of the death penalty for serious crimes, and fighting for ISIS is obviously as serious as it gets.

Canadians also realize that fighting for ISIS – one of the most evil organizations in history and a group that has specifically targeted Canada and declared war on our nation – is treasonous, and should be punished to the maximum possible extent.

As you read this, you’re probably thinking it’s crazy that this is even up for debate. And you would be right to think that. We shouldn’t even have to demand that our government keep ISIS terrorists out of Canada or punish ISIS fighters for treason, since the government should already be doing it.
Yet, Trudeau seems more worried about coddling those who hate Canada, and doesn’t have the toughness to do what it takes to deal with our enemies.

That’s something the next government will have to ASAP, because the longer it goes unresolved the more insecure our nation becomes.
Fixing it won’t be difficult, as all it requires is listening to the common sense of the Canadian people, to make sure ISIS terrorists are either kept out of Canada or dealt with strongly within our borders.


Spencer Fernando
Spencer Fernando  Lake Superior News

The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by Lake Superior News / Lake Superior Media.

Spencer Fernando
Spencer Fernando  Lake Superior News