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Trudeau Snubs our trade partners
at TPP Meeting

 Trudeau Snubs our trade partners  Lake Superior News
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THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO -  November 12, 2017    (LSN)   Trudeau, like Trump, has expressed concerns with how the Trans-Pacific Partnership will impact Canadian industry, but there is no excuse for skipping a meeting with our closest allies and largest trading partners.

Eleven heads of state attended the meeting in Vietnam with the intention of negotiating a revised agreement, Justin skipped the meeting but managed to find time for photo-ops. In typical Trudeau fashion he was pictured jogging with Gerald Butts and meeting locals during his night on the town, but negotiating a trade deal didn't' make the cut.

Harper championed the deal as a chance for us to gain access to the Asia Pacific Market, home to 40 percent of all trade. Ignoring the deal altogether could leave us shut out as the U.S. and Australia negotiated preferred access to some of our key markets.

The NDP were generally against it while Liberals, who claim to be the party of free trade despite a record showing the opposite, said they weren’t against it but wanted to see the details and consult with Canadians.
Well, now they’ve seen the details and still don’t say much beyond the “consult with Canadians” line. So I decided to look and see who they were consulting, and it worries me.

So far, the Liberals seem to be speaking with every anti-trade union, student group and left wing environmentalist group they can while ignoring the business community and average Canadians.
Watch as I detail who International Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland is consulting on the TPP and who she isn’t consulting.

One of the few Chambers she consulted with wasn’t even Canadian. That was the L.A. Chamber meeting invented by her staff to justify her vanity trip to appear on Bill Maher’s show!
Also on the list, notoriously anti-trade, far left political action committee, Council of Canadians.
This isn’t about average Canadians or business. It’s about consulting all the right, or all the LEFT people, to make sure the trade deal is shut down because the Liberals don’t want to be seen as for OR against it.
Whether or not it’s a good deal doesn’t really matter to the Liberals. They’re using these sham consultations to claim they heard from Canadians and that they rejected it.

The fact that they’re mainly talking to anti-trade zealots will be ignored by most, including the media, who won’t notice or care that these “consultations” are a set up, like asking turkeys to vote for Thanksgiving. It’s never going to happen.

So expect this trade deal to be shut down without ever knowing what it’s really about other than the Liberals’ far left allies never liked it to begin with.

By  Ezra Levant
Rebel Media     Lake Superior News

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