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Trudeau's carbon tax scam

Trudeau's carbon tax scam  Lake Superior News
#LSN_Opinion  Ross Ayotte

SMITH FALLS, ONTARIO January 16, 2019  (LSN)  The Carbon Tax Scam Trudeau states we will receive more money back than we paid into the carbon tax how is this possible when I had phoned up Ultramar I ask a few questions like how many litres of oil it takes to fill up a 910 litre oil tank the lady stated 800 hundred litre's or a shade more. 

Then I had asked her how much oil does a home use per year and she stated 2-3 thousand litres per home. So if it is costing a 100 dollars - 150 dollars in a carbon tax just to heat your home plus HST on top of the Carbon tax it ends up we are paying a tax on a tax. 


Then you have to pay a 4.5 cent a litre gas tax to drive your car so to be on the Conservative side say you use a tank a week and you have a ten-gallon tank multiplied by four which equals 40 gallons a month then convert it to litres 40 x4.4609 equals 178. 436 litres multiply that twelve equals  2141.232 then multiply that by the 4.5 cents a litre carbon tax which means you are paying ninety-six dollars a year carbon tax and remember this calculation are not based on a gas guzzler.


So in my estimate, we will be paying just on fuel between two hundred and two hundred fifty dollars in carbon tax in 2019 plus HST and then just about everything we buy will have a hidden carbon tax on it so we will never know the real cost of the carbon tax  and we will receive 231 dollars back for 2018 for two adults when we file our income tax


Then add in the cost to administer this program while this tax does nothing to lower emissions Trudeau should be pushing for the pipelines to be built which is far safer than hauling oil by train while polluting the air at the same time so why do the Liberals want to move oil by rail and not by pipelines. My answer to this is Trudeau is not doing what's best for Canada but what's best for the liberal party to retain power 


 The quicker the pipelines get built the better the Canadian economy will be - how can Trudeau defend buying Saudi oil while preaching human rights?  while blocking Canadian pipelines as Canada is a leader in new technology and refining cleaner oil.


Canada could already be absorbing 20 -30 percent more co2 than we omit as reported on Nov 21, 2018, Canada produces 1.6 per of the worlds pollution  and when carbon tax hits forty dollars a ton the government will bring in an extra 10 billion dollars in revenue plus HST 



Ross Ayotte Smiths Falls

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Ross Ayotte

Ross Ayotte  Lake Superior News Ross Ayotte lives in Smith Falls and has been writing about the energy file for a few years. Ross has been published in several mainstream publication