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2018 the Hovland Arts Festival will be 
Celebrating it's 13th year

Hovland Arts Festival  Lake Superior News
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COOK COUNTY,  HOVLAND, MINNESOTA,  February 25, 2018  (LSN) This Summer the Hovland Art Festival will be celebrating it's 13th years. July 7 & 8th. 

Because this is a very family oriented event our local children are encouraged to participate in all areas of interest.  Vendor booths are free up to a certain age for youth.  Some of our youth, through the years, have graced all with their musical abilities, artisan craft items and also much appreciated refreshments such as lemonade and other goodies.  For a few years one of our youth sold rhubarb punch.  That was a hit.

Hovland Arts Festival    Lake Superior NewsEvery year since conception each festival’s wonderful live music lineup has been provided for by local musicians.  With the summer festival being held indoors and out the first festival’s music was performed outdoors in the open subject to any and all wild elements.  After that a big tent was rented to shelter these performances.  This past summer the festival folks were thrilled to use for the first time the new pavilion that was recently built out back of the town hall.

Funding for this event thru the years has been provided for by a few different ways.  The first couple years or so some local businesses helped  by supplementing with financial donations to get the festival off the ground.  Now, the main fundraising is thru vendor booth fees, donation cans set out by the musicians’ tent/pavilion and a raffle that is held each festival.  Raffle items are provided for by each vendor participating.  All expenses are paid for via these methods.

The vast majority of the work done for the town hall part of the festival to put on this wonderful annual event is by volunteer work.  With most of that provided for by a few of the vendors themselves.  Through the years, some from the community have also volunteered their time.  The musicians are now able to be paid a stipend for their much appreciated participation.  They are also able to sell CDs at the event if they so choose.

This is truly a community event.  The main part of the HAF is held at the Hovland Town Hall.  However, right next door is the Trinity Lutheran Church.  This small rural community church has provided, these many years, a wonderful array of culinary delicacies as a fund raiser for their many outreach projects and ministries.

This annual summer festival helps bring folks to our small rural community  from local, regional and afar.  This also helps our other local businesses close by such as the local gift shops and general store cafe.Lou Pignolet Bowls   Lake Superior News   Yes, it is truly a community supporting event.

This summer’s 2018 HAF will again be held at the Hovland Town Hall on July 7& 8th (Saturday and Sunday) from 10a.m. to 3p.m. both days.

For the past thee years we expect Canadian Aborignal Art to be available. 

More inforamtion can be found as it becomes available on http://LakeSuperior.Travel and 

Story by 
Mary Jo Flack
Hovland, Minnesota

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