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Thunder Bay’s FIRST EVER Cask Beer Festival

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THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  March 6, 2018   (LSN) What is one of the most common sentiments from visitors to our fine city? “We love your culinary scene!” We think there is one restaurant for every five people ...we all know that Tbay-ers love to go out to eat. Our food scene is advanced and diverse. Does that mean we have refined palettes in need of creative culinary adventures? YES, yes it does.

Well, here’s a pairing adventure for your elite taste buds: Cask Beer. This is to beer affectionados what a culinary tasting night is to foodies. Cask beer is beer that has been conditioned in a cask. This is done to bring out unique characteristics from that beer and/or add some additional flavours like fruit, herbs, wood, and about a thousand other combinations.  Letting these flavours marry creates a smooth, usually lower carbonated, flavourful beer with a roller coaster experience from one cask beer to the next.

This is why we’re hosting Thunder Bay’s FIRST EVER Cask Beer Festival. We are bringing together breweries who are passionate about these special one-offs, many of which you will not find anywhere else. You will be able to sample these brews straight from the cask itself after it’s been tapped right on site! Yes! We will be hand tapping each cask (wish us luck)! This can be uber messy, but super fun and exciting! For the entire day, we will be tapping casks, one after the other, as they empty. Each time a cask is tapped, a bell will ring, folks will cheer, and the sampling will begin.  Four stations, two casks at each, rotating over 2 sessions, with each cask being unique. #thatsalottabeer

What else does Cask represent? Hand crafted. This is why we are inviting local artisans to participate in our event as well! Think of it like a farmers market with BEER! (why isn’t this a thing yet?)

What’s the missing piece? Our talented local music scene of course! We will feature performers throughout the festival to elevate that brew experience even more.

Soon, we’ll be sharing all the breweries, food, craft vendors, and musicians with you.

Until then, you can score tickets to this event for only $20 at

Cheers and see you soon!

March 24th 1 to 5:30 pm

March  24th 6 to 10 pm



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