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Cold Water and Ice Warning 

#LSN_Outdoors   Thunder Bay Fire Rescue

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO - November 9, 2017 (LSN)With the cool winter weather now upon us, Thunder Bay Fire Rescue is encouraging parents, guardians and teachers to speak to their children about the dangers of walking on ice-covered bodies of water and the risk of injury or death associated with exposure to freezing cold water.

Ice conditions should be considered dangerous throughout the winter but they are especially dangerous early in the winter season as thick ice has not yet formed. Icy shorelines and river banks should also be avoided as they pose a slip hazard to anyone walking along them.
“Public safety is our main priority and we advise residents to stay away from all bodies of water this time of year,” said Deputy Fire Chief Greg Hankkio. “Exposure to cold water can end your life in a matter of minutes.”

In cold water, the temperature of your heart, brain and other vital organs drops, leading to a loss of consciousness and drowning. It can also cause heart failure. Be safe and be smart and stay off the ice and away from all bodies of water this winter season.