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DNR Grants available for groups
that help more people hunt and fish

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 MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA,  May 7, 2018  (LSN)  Grants are available for groups that help more people hunt and fish through a program that, so far, has funded 34 projects ranging from an outdoor adventure club at Roseville Area High School to classes for the Fairmont community that get friends and family fishing together.  

“We’re excited about being able to continue this grant program that aims to help groups get more people hunting and fishing, and ultimately supporting conservation,” said Jeff Ledermann, education and skills team supervisor with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. 

The grants are a response to an ongoing issue: While anglers still cast lines and hunters head to deer camp each year, the percentage of Minnesotans who hunt or fish is shrinking.

The DNR gives priority to programs for new and diverse audiences and those with an ongoing impact rather than one-time events. Types of activities could include fishing and hunting educational programs, clinics, workshops, and camps, and funding for fishing and hunting equipment and transportation.

“The grant program has been very competitive over the first three rounds, with a total of almost 100 applicants,” Ledermann said. “The groups we chose shared a commitment to ongoing support for helping people enjoy the outdoors through hunting or fishing.”

DNR Grants available help more people hunt and fish  Lake Superior News

Groups must apply for this round of grants by June 28. The grant program began in 2015 and this is the fourth round of grants. In this round, awards will range from $5,000 to $49,999 with a total amount of $150,000 available. Fourth-round projects must be completed in Minnesota and be finished by Dec. 31, 2019.

As in the last round, there is no requirement of a funding match. Organizations are nonetheless encouraged to include a match in their project that can be funding, or donated labor, materials or services. Match amounts will be considered in the selection process.

To learn more about the DNR’s work in recruitment, retention and reactivation (R3), and to find grant application requirements, visit Details about the grant and a list of award winners can be found at the link under “Help others discover.”



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