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Emergency? Help Ornge find you!

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THUNDER BAY, ONARIO - August 1, 2018  (LSN) Ornge encourages those who live in (or visit) remote/cottage communities to download an Emergency Contact Sheet. This will help first responders access/locate you in an emergency situation

Hundreds of times each year, Ornge responds and transports patients from a variety of locations across Ontario including remote communities, cottage communities and urban centres. In remote and cottage communities, it is essential for homeowners, campers and cottage owners to know their location and other relevant health information when calling for help in an emergency situation.

These destinations can be difficult for first responders to access or locate in an emergency situation. As a result, Ornge encourages those who live in or visit remote or cottage communities to complete an Emergency Contact Sheet and post in a highly visible and accessible location. This placard will help anyone calling for help easily and efficiently relay important information such as:

  • Location (GPS coordinates, address and lane number)

  • Medical Information (medical conditions or animals on premises)
  • Emergency Contacts (neighbours/relatives, Park Ranger or local emergency number)

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