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Coast Guard urges boaters file a float plan

US Coast Guard File a Float Plan  Lake Superior News
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CLEVELAND, OHIO  —  May 21, 2018  (LSN)  The Coast Guard reminds boaters to plan ahead before venturing out on the water by filing a float plan with someone on land and by downloading the Coast Guard Boating Safety social media app.

No one plans to get lost out on the water. No one plans to have their boat break down far away from land. No one plans to have an accident on the water. And unfortunately, not many people plan ahead to make it easier to be found by the Coast Guard.


“The Coast Guard and other response agencies do not search for 100% of the people who are not reported missing, in distress or overdue," said Mike Baron, recreational safe boating specialist for the U.S. Coast Guard Ninth district. "Always file a float plan."

A float plan includes all the pertinent information the Coast Guard will need in a search, including the names of the owner and operator of the vessel, description of the operator and passengers, and information about the vessel. It will also include information about your trip including departure date, departure location, destination, your planned route and your return time.

Boaters are not the only ones advised to prepare a float plan. Kayakers, fishermen, canoeists, jet skiers and private charter boat services are also urged to prepare a plan and leave it with a family member or friend on land.

Plans are easy to create. Information on float plans and how to obtain a blank form can be found at

Float plans can also be downloaded from the free Coast Guard Boating Safety App which provides a variety of important information and services including safety information within your state, a safety equipment checklist, weather reports from the nearest NOAA weather buoy, navigation rules and requesting a free vessel safety check.

"Embrace solitude not isolation," said Baron. "Share your day out with someone on shore."

The Coast Guard mobile App is not intended to replace a radio, nor should boaters rely on their cell phones to call for help. Cell phones will lose a signal out on the water and away from a cell tower. Boaters should first contact the Coast Guard using their marine radios on VHF Channel 16.

Learn more about the free downloadable Coast Guard Boating Safety App at






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