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Nature is Unforgiving Matawin River System

Moose on Matawin River System, East of Thunder Bay  Lake Superior News
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THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO -  June 14, 2019   (LSN)  We were travelling / fishing on the weekend, and came across this.  It looked, from far, like a rock in the river.

We found a moose carcass, while fishing on the Matawin River System, East of Thunder Bay, South of Lake Shebandowan and North of the Boreal Road.

- we were in 3 feet of water,

- the lake / river is up over a foot from last weekend, because of the heavy rain last week,

- it was standing in the mud, and has not move with the current,

- ice out was May 4th 2019, 

- I do not want to know, what is / or not, in the cavity, but i am surprise it do not fill with water!

- the bleached bones tell me it has been there for some time.

Based on discussions with friends, about three months ago, the moose was chased by wolves, and got stuck in the mud / slush.  It froze and died.  The wolves would not venture out, on to the weak ice, of the river. Eagles and vultures consumed the organs.  Now, bacteria are consuming!  Maybe, a bear will swim, and consume.  I'll be back, on the river, in two weeks!

It is not uncommon to find floating moose, or deer.  They drown, die of old age, or may have brainworm. What was rare, it was standing with the open cavity!  If this was on land, it would of been consumed in a couple days.

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) could be contacted, they would not do anything, except possibly make notes.

This is the 2nd carcass i have seen this year.  At ice out, a 2nd carcass was in the French River, between French Lake and Pickerel Lake, of Quetico Provincial Park!  I came across a third carcass in this same area ~ 20 years ago.  These two were floating in the river system, and will sink, once there is a breach. 

The walleye fishing was fantastic!

bY John Zahn