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Northern Ontario passenger rail service

Budcar In Northern Ontario  Lake Superior News

MARATHON, ONTARIO, October 7, 2018  (LSN)   Jacques Ouellette is heading a group of people trying to promote passenger rail service for Northern Ontario .

When I ran for the Provincial election.

I heard from many people on how this was very important to them .

VIA Rail Canada Budd car's in Greater Sudbury
VIA 185 heading west out of Sudbury to White River with RDC-4 # 6250 in charge !
VIA RDC-4 6250 was formerly 6450 and ex CN 6450 exx CN D450 !
the older number 6450 is shadowed under the number's 6250.
before 6250's 2002 rebuild when she was in a horrible condition, the words CANADIAN NATIONAL was visible enough under the domed motor where the blue stripe is now !

Remember the train conductor saying this before closing the doors and departing .
Well we are losing all our passenger service .

At this time there is a Budd car running Sudbury to White River .

Then there is a passenger train running Cochrane to Moosonee .
And of course there is Via that runs from the east cost through to Vancouver on the CN line .

That's is leaving a huge  part of Ontario without passenger rail service .

We are losing our bus service (Grayhound at the end of Octorber)  and this at the time were our population is getting older making it hard for some of us to drive specially  in the winter months as the roads are made impassable at times and very dangerous to travel on .



Whether we are travelling for doctor appointments , shopping or pleasure .
The train is a much more comfortable  means of transport then the bus and safer then cars specially in the long winter months .

The solution extend the Budd car from white River to Thunder Bay and beyond to Winnipeg .

And implement a Bud Car route North Bay To Hearst .

Also reopen the  ACR line owned by CNR Sault St Marie  Hearst 

A comparation of prices finds the train also a much more affordable means of transportation .

 Cars were primarily adopted for passenger service in rural areas with low traffic density or in short-haul commuter service, and were less expensive to operate in this context than a traditional diesel locomotive-drawn train with coaches..  Here is a short video showing a Budd Car leaving the station in Sudbury 

The Budd Car is a self-propelled diesel multiple unit railcar.

The Green highlights our proposed rail passenger service 

White River to Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay to Winnipeg

Sault St Marie To Hearst

North Bay to Hearst

You can sign the Northern Ontario passenger rail service Petition




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