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Prince Arthur Waterfront Hotel Announces Multimillion-dollar Renovations and Historic Rebrand

Prince Arhur Waterfront Hotel    Lake Superior News
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September 13, 2018 – The Prince Arthur Waterfront Hotel, Thunder Bay’s oldest and most iconic hotel property, has rebranded and is in the process of a multimillion-dollar renovation that will return the hotel to its historic, royal roots, it announced today.

Located in the downtown Waterfront District and built in 1911, the newly unveiled brand is a modern interpretation of the hotel’s original logo that is still engraved on the property’s walls.  The renovations include exterior façade improvements with the addition of classic canopies and flags, and interior upgrades include renovating and refurnishing the main lobby, elevators, guest rooms, ballroom and public spaces.


General Manager, Tony Scarcello Prince Arthur Waterfront Hotel     Lake Superior NewsGeneral Manager, Tony Scarcello; Say "The Prince Arthur Waterfront Hotel has a proud history, not only in Thunder Bay but in Canada.  The future of the hotel has been inspsired by our long history. The redesign will still reflect the building’s historic architecture while simultaneously introducing a new look and feel of modern amenities and services. Our intent is to cement the hotel’s unique proposition as an irresistibly classic guest experience within the regional hotel market for decades to come.”


Hotel general manager Tony Scarcello said the project is budgeted at between $3 million and $4 million and will be done in several phases with completion expected to take a couple of years.


Local designers from Firedog Communications are responsible for the rebrand and created the new renovation concept visions. Renovations will unfold in several phases beginning with upgrades to the exterior, lobby, ballroom and suites. Further phases will include the restaurant and remaining guest rooms.


“We believe that The Prince Arthur Waterfront Hotel will return to its former status as an iconic and top of market downtown hotel,” continues Scarcello. “We are honoured to be bringing this historic property back to life through unique and authentic guest experiences that cannot be duplicated anywhere else in the regional hotel market. The future Prince Arthur Waterfront Hotel will be a modern incarnation of a Thunder Bay classic that will attract both locals and visitors alike. This multimillion-dollar initiative is an investment in our guests, employees but also in the regional tourism industry.”

The Prince Arthur Waterfront Hotel is an independently owned and operated boutique in the heart of Thunder Bay’s downtown Waterfront District.


Prince Arthur Waterfront Hotel   Lake Superior News




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